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Everything posted by joepallai

  1. joepallai

    What was your first console?

    It had tennis and PONG on it; had paddles for controllers and flip switches for game selection and power. Probably a knock-off. This was '76 (late). Next one was the Atari 2600
  2. joepallai

    What are you listening to?

    stumbled onto this and am liking it
  3. joepallai

    How often do you play the original IWADs?

    Almost never, I'd rather play something the community made instead; as that is what Doom is to me at this point.
  4. joepallai

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. on the Commodore 64 (forget which one had the editor) - still fun for me
  5. joepallai

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Sniper Elite 5 now that it is available and really liking it so far. Will start trying out multiplayer once I'm done with the campaign.
  6. The Lost Episodes of Doom since it was sold in a store with the book (I had no internet at the time). Then MM, MM2 and Eternal Doom from a shovelware disc. First megawad when I finally had internet was probably Icarus then Realms of Chaos.
  7. joepallai

    How often do you use the automap?

    I use the auto map a lot, mostly because I like looking at maps; but I find the auto map helpful in getting 100% secrets and/or unstuck at times.
  8. Spider Mastermind for me, think I've use it in one map only (though twice in that map); I find them hard to use well. Next would be a toss up between Arch-viles and Pain Elementals as I'd rather use other monsters most times. Everything else is easier to get right with their usage.
  9. joepallai

    What was the reception of Final Doom back in 1996?

    Since I didn't have internet back then, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Playing them, I liked TNT better at the time (easier and more exploratory) but ended up being influenced more by Plutonia Experiment.
  10. I think it goes all the way back to the original idea in rpg's where the game becomes the story; whatever actually happens in the game is the story, it was just transferred to playing other people's levels in this case.
  11. joepallai

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    you might be thinking about one of Doomkid's many popular projects: Ray Mohawk, Ray Mohawk2, etc.
  12. joepallai

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    I completely forgot I had a map in this, liking the changes I've seen and thank you for taking in my old map and giving it a home.
  13. joepallai

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    NOLF (2000) (amazingly creative maps, good story, and fun weapons plus the game was fun to deathmatch) FEAR (2005) (for a while there I was a serious Monolith fan and the combat in this was so good) Sniper Elite 3 + 4 (love the gameplay and multiple ways to play each scenario. Wish there was an editor for these).
  14. joepallai

    What are you listening to?

    I can see me using this when mapping.
  15. joepallai

    Obscure shooters thread

    Always liked this game, though the weapon sounds were kind of tinny.
  16. Akeldama might be a good choice for you.
  17. joepallai

    What are you listening to?

    feeling nostalgic...
  18. 28 years at my job.   Wow...


    Things are getting interesting for me now at work.   Some major projects are underway and need to be completed for the 400th anniversary.   Maybe once that's behind me I can revisit Doom mapping.   


    Also think this is the 25th anniversary for Kerry and me being together.   Another wow...


    So that means I've been playing Doom for at least 27 years and mapping for 26.


    Anyways, priorities are in place.  I will be back soon enough and will quietly chip away at the projects I have for this game.   Hope everyone is well.


  19. joepallai

    How there were wads in the 90s

    Read 3D Game Alchemy and tried mapping to the tutorial in the book (this was the third or forth book on Doom editing I had purchased and was about to give up). Found that I could use and understand Wadauthor to good effect. Been mapping off and on ever since.
  20. joepallai

    Why are monsters ungrateful?

    this brings back memories of a critic's complaint about Doom at the time of release.