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  1. shotgunman

    Weird Doom dreams.

    i dreamt i was FPS the whole thing. it was pretty cool and its a reoccuring dream
  2. shotgunman

    doom on the wii?

    imo, doom on wii would be horrible. the wii itself sucks
  3. shotgunman

    Zdoom Interactivity levels

    thank you all very much. any more?
  4. shotgunman

    Your most HATED monster?

    A tie between revenants and lost souls
  5. shotgunman

    the most useless doom weapon

    i never use the chaingun
  6. shotgunman

    Zdoom Interactivity levels

    thanks guys and thx lag for the links :o any more? ^^
  7. shotgunman

    Zdoom Interactivity levels

    Hello everyone. I'm a n00b when it comes to wads so plz go easy on me lol i just want to know some zdoom wads that have lots of interactivity i.e. like zdoom community project. i enjoyed playing the wad and want some recommendations for more. thank you
  8. shotgunman

    Double Barrel Shotgun for Doom 3?

    The Grabber worked just fine for me.
  9. shotgunman

    Double Barrel Shotgun for Doom 3?

    Thank you for this technique. Will try it out asap :P
  10. shotgunman

    Deflecting Enemy Fire.

    Has anyone noticed that the plasma gun can work wonders? It has the ability to deflect revenants rockets and imps fireballs and hell knight fireballs by shooting plasma at their fireballs. I'm sure all you know about this but my dumbass just figured it out.
  11. shotgunman

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    The Revenant. I like how they look even better than b4 and the glowing green eyes. I didnt know if you shoot their rockets with plasma they burn away!
  12. shotgunman

    Double Barrel Shotgun for Doom 3?

    Ok before everyone starts shouting at me, i've tried several wads that attempt to put the ROE double barrel shotgun into doom 3. none of them have worked 4 me. But i have heard that you can open up RoE and open a regular doom3 map from there and acquire it. how do you do that? or is there a mod that simply just replaces the shotgun with a double barrel that WORKS??