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Posts posted by shotgunman

  1. Hello everyone. I'm a n00b when it comes to wads so plz go easy on me lol

    i just want to know some zdoom wads that have lots of interactivity i.e. like zdoom community project. i enjoyed playing the wad and want some recommendations for more. thank you

  2. printz said:

    Just keep in mind your soul cube will be gone this way. And you'll instead have a phantomatic grabber that doesn't even work! You need to switch to original unmodded Doom3 under the mods section, but then you'll lose the SSG.

    The Grabber worked just fine for me.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the plasma gun can work wonders?
    It has the ability to deflect revenants rockets and imps fireballs and hell knight fireballs by shooting plasma at their fireballs.

    I'm sure all you know about this but my dumbass just figured it out.

  4. Ok before everyone starts shouting at me, i've tried several wads that attempt to put the ROE double barrel shotgun into doom 3. none of them have worked 4 me. But i have heard that you can open up RoE and open a regular doom3 map from there and acquire it. how do you do that? or is there a mod that simply just replaces the shotgun with a double barrel that WORKS??