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  1. The Lag


    This is the first time in years I've actually logged into my Doomworld account. I usually just lurk whenever I check in. Anyway, I logged in just to say that I've been playing Doom since 1994, have played thousands of wads through all of those years, enjoy every kind of map, used to keep my own personal mirror of the idgames archive because I was so obsessed with trying to play every single one of them, and dayum I really enjoyed this one. The more secret-huntery gameplay really got me, since I'm totally into that, and I came here to this thread to see if anyone had found a purpose for unplugging the TV, or any other discoveries...and I see drama. I guess I'll read through the monster of a thread. Have fun.
  2. The Lag

    MegaWADs to play

    Thanks. I've been on extended hiatus (3 years? 4 years? longer?) and have a lot of catching up to do.
  3. The Lag

    3 games that changed your life

    1. Doom - my first real taste of level design (after some DOS Hearts Puzzle/Boulder Dash-ish game and this C64 game I used to make levels on.) 2. Dransik/Ashen Empires - very early MMORPG (still around) that acquainted me with hardcore, full looting, safe-zone-less PVP and helped me to up my skills and, believe it or not, become a better businessman. (I had the first Darksword, a mind-blowingly rare uber-weapon. Everyone wanted it. Everyone wanted to kill me for it. Entire guilds tried. I managed to hold it for months through skill and through negotiation.) 2.5 Dark Souls - helped me to fall back in love with games 3. Terraria - I built some cool stuff. People really liked it. It started a new career for me.
  4. I started working on one in 2007. There are even a few screens of 3 of the maps on here someplace. I'm still working on it, except now it has been reduced from a 32 map project with all new textures to a 10 map project with a few new textures and an altered palette. It will be released eventually. 6 of the maps are completely finished, scripting, balance and all. It gets worked on mostly 1 day a week to make room for everything else I have in my life. My advice is: don't bite off more than you can chew. Realize you are only 1 person and probably don't really want to lock yourself in your house, in front of your computer for the next couple of years. Most people probably prefer to play smaller map packs anyway. If your project doesn't have a very strong unifying theme then it doesn't even have to be a map pack. In that case, just release individual maps.
  5. The Lag

    Ten Years of Cacowards

    I'm a bit late, but great job guys! Congratulations to all award recipients, runners-up and mentions! Now, back to work.
  6. The Lag

    The Hobbit

    the goblin town looks exactly like Blighttown in Dark Souls... One of the most annoyingly difficult game area's ever.
  7. ps3 for Demon's Souls (and Dark Souls, although that is on 360 and PC now also.) 2 of the best games made this generation.
  8. The Lag

    Console controls (i dun geddit)

    When i use a mouse and keyboard i feel like i am 100% in control of even the smallest or most precise movements, ala Quake strafe/circle jumping and plasma climbing. When i use a gamepad, i feel like i am at the mercy of the controls -- my brain is telling me that i can do something, but because of the controls i can't. Frustration ensues. Also, auto-aim or aim-compensation because of the shoddy control = blech. There hasn't been any game on any console using any controller, ever, that i have felt i had as much control over as a heavily control-based game such as Quake 3/live and a mouse/keyboard combo.
  9. The Lag

    Hotel Of Doom

    sorry. couldn't resist.
  10. The Lag

    ASMR or Empathy Nerve?

    it's happened to me the most when i've watched someone else learning something. usually when the person is reading something and i can see from the expression on their face that they are very interested in what they are learning, but also when a person figures something out -- like a puzzle, or how to fix something. i also experienced it briefly when i opened that first link about ASMR and started reading, but other than that i think it's been awhile. i should've been a teacher. ASMR-orgasm all day long. heh.
  11. The Lag

    ASMR or Empathy Nerve?

    more of a "warm and fuzzy" feeling as opposed to a feeling of perceived pain, tightness or breathlessness.
  12. The Lag

    ASMR or Empathy Nerve?

    it's because your brain is trying to tell you to eat them.
  13. an addiction is an addiction.
  14. The Lag

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Just got Demon's Souls and i might end up liking this even more than Dark Souls...as long as the server/s stay up. It seems more difficult, because even though I have put hundreds of hours into Dark Souls, building optimal characters, speedrunning them through the game, and PVP'ing, I am still getting my ass handed to me regularly. Good times.