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  1. annoynimous

    need walkthrough for FreeDoom

    thanks. i already complete the level. But personally i think the level should be changed a bit. Either that active lightning-marked wall should be the only one behind the switch. Or other walls should be not passive, but rather appear (sound? message ?) as inactive triggers, so gamer would be encouraged to try more walls like this. Currently he is encouraged to pay no attention to those marks at that place. Perhaps when playing on PC it i not so improtant, it is easier to run around, click here and there and quickly turn to look if you heard the sound. I do think that i managed to press that wall - afterall i killed those monsters and i could ride the elevator upstairs. But using mp3 player i could not easily/quickly turn to see what had changed, which certain wall had moved. It would be fairly ok as it is for secret place. But for regular track through level - it is too misty. It is not in the spirit of Doom, when gamer need a walkthrough to complete the level, is it ? :-) Thanks for tips! i spent about 2 hours trying to figure what to do next and about an hour was around that button and that wall - but did not complete it without you guide.
  2. annoynimous

    need walkthrough for FreeDoom

    Thanks! Indeed. I tried several walls like that. None i tried worked. So i abondoned this idea. Indeed, that other switch was already turned on (that was the reason i could not swirch it) - and i did runned that elevator tens of times trying to find something. And that horde You mentioned - it was killed to - thanks to that bar that did not allowed them to reach me :-) The only thing i could not get was the yellow key itself. You see, if there was the oly wall wit hlightning behind a switch... Currently it seems to be a hard-to-find secret place, but not the regular way through the level. There was 3 walls like that and it seems that i tried that two where lightning is not a trigger and lost the hope :-)
  3. annoynimous

    need walkthrough for FreeDoom

    Sorry, can't tell You which level - font is not readable on this small display. I wish it was not so artwork. I hope the screenshots would be enough for masters to recognize the level. Or i can upload save, if anyone would tell where to. It seems i have to get the yelow key, but i can't find a way to get there. As well that red button at the center of one room - i cannot make it green. Maybe it becomes red when turned on ? I hope i don't have to sit down to push it? This is not possible on this engine. ...hmmm. i tried but mobile phone makes extremly poor photo's of mp3 player's screen... :-( So i'd try to describe. 1) i enter the open area, at connecrs of which there are 4 area's, separated with wire nettingю Фы a step onword, in each of those apppears one fireball-throwing iron monster (now they are dead). To the lefft is the non-openin door. Onward there is little stairs with doors, highlighted by blue lights. This door leads to the corridor ending with the platform that lifts me down. 2) down there there is an 3 rooms filled with pairs of transparent leeches and pairs of shotgun shooters. Each room is 5 pillars in center (standing like X if to look 'from skies'). There is place to go aroun room walls anf around the pillars themselves. Area between is filled with green poisonous water. I enter the middle one. 3) One room of those lead to the area, where i can work by walls around central space, which is lefted far up, something like iron boxes. Yellow key is glistening there un top. Some rectangular tubes go above. When i finish the way around, i tregger a button and a lot of shotgun shooters rush into the room. 4) After that i go to 3rd leaft room with 5 pillars to see that center pillar disappeared and in the center there is a button trigger, it is very low. It is lighting with red and i can do nothing to switch it. Nor can i do something to get to yellow key. http://www.flickr.com/photos/60489289@N00/tags/doom/