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    First 3D Shooter in Microsoft Excel

    This is the most fucking impressive game I have seen all year, wow
  2. shitpost segment: http://entryway.com/ http://doomerboards.com http://dildomaster666.cx http://windowcaster.net serious segment: http://wad.me/ http://iwad.com http://shoot.net http://ling.net

    Community Chest 64

    Missing the obvious point that detailing a level well is hard by itself, port features or not

    Community Chest 64

    Put me on for MAP18, I'll try to do something. If you don't see anything from me by the first of November, assume I failed to produce anything as usual

    ASSHOLE HERETIC (1 map, garbage)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6p1sa7kk6ugw7d/asshole_heretic.wad?dl=0 1 "map" for Heretic made exclusively for the purpose of making @Bashe laugh screenshot below
  6. Shadowcaster is a complete pain in the ass to reverse engineer. int32s that store a single int8 field, map files absolutely filled to the brim with meaningless garbage data, and ravdata lumps referenced by lump number - oh my


    Rank your top FPS or TPS games from best to worst

    1) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 2) Doom 2 3) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 4) SWAT 4 5) Rainbow Six 3 6) Quake 3 7) UT99 8) Shadowcaster 9) Heretic 10) Doom

    WindowCaster: The Shadowcaster Source Port

    Version 0.25 released. This version correctly loads most static map objects and loads some of the .arc/.crt and .itm data, but due to my lack of a clear understanding of how these three formats work, only placeholder sprites are loaded. In addition, 3D collision detection with non-wall objects works. Mostly. Next up: - A rewrite to the texture manager, again. The current implementation has proven problematic when dealing with animated textures and this is also one of the big reasons doors do not save correctly in the text map format (all textures need a textureID linking them back to the TextureManager.TextureReference map, but no such mechanism exists in the engine at the moment to determine what textureID a door has - they only keep a "pointer" to the pixel data. walls and floors do this via the global.mapbuf_tile_* arrays, but no array of this type exists for doors). - I think at some point while developing this version, I introduced a bug in the music playback system. There was always a hidden bug in music playback where the engine would attempt to destroy a nonexistent stream (in other words, stop .ogg playback for a .ogg that was not being played), but something I did seems to have broken it for real. Investigating a fix. - A partial renderer rewrite. The way things work right now is naive - every polygonal surface has its own draw step which involves a texture and height lookup per object. I am not satisfied with this. The plan is a system that dynamically groups visible surfaces based on their texture and iterates through them, minimizing the amount of time spent looking for a texture resource and determining its dimensions. - Over the long term, I will be rewriting the way cellcontent works so that more varied features are allowed, such as variable height floors and ceilings and sloped cells. Source code.

    What are you listening to?


    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Tie between Ultima Underworld and Daggerfall By the way, Final Fantasy 7 is garbage

    I plan on making the worst Doom WAD in existence? Any tips?

    I'll give you a comprehensive guide 1. Don't

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    They use the Caco attack pointer IIRC, so that is correct - it is a DeHackEd limitation
  13. Props for having my favorite avatar on Doomworld


    No experience playing mods - little help needed

    If the WAD or PK3/PK7/whatever is in the same directory as zdoom.exe: just drag-and-drop the mod file(s) on top of zdoom.exe, simple as that You can also use the -file parameter at the command line for controlling the order in which multiple mods are loaded, like so: zdoom -file mod1.wad mod2.pk3

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    That is the nature of vanilla hack-effects; "I didn't do anything really, it just kind of worked out that way"