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  1. update: this post and fp link to version 1.1. some of the remapped sprites were removed, others were changed. level order has been changed; e1m1-e1m2 is new (m1 being in the "beta-ish" phase), e1m3-e1m5 are e1m2-e1m1-e1m3 from the previous build but with some minor changes. it should now be impossible to exit the levels in question without collecting the phoenix rods. the secret on e1m3 (now e1m5) should be fixed. next to-do is i'm probably going to throw out the new e1m2 and re-do it. it serves a temporary purpose as a thematically-correct stop-gap between m1/m3 until i make something better to put in its place. SOD1_1.zip
  2. -You can play continuously but wand starts are also worked in. -Backroad Wanderer is subject to change. -That secret bug will be fixed in the next release (which will be as soon as the new e1m1 is done) According to the source material the name comes from, "Drang-LAY-ic"
  3. afaik textures/sprites/whatever else is needed is cached in each level's directory and I recall Kaiser lamenting about how most ISO tools modify the LBA when you change files on the disc which is a big no-no for PSX Doom
  4. screenshots download in attachments intended for 30-45 minutes of game time sky is fucked up in vanilla, am aware and seeking fix, otherwise should work in literally any port please and thank SOD1_1.zip -v1.1 (current: E1M1-E1M5) SOD1.zip -v1.0 (outdated: E1M1-E1M3)
  5. Sure, I'm not saying the levels in DS2 are particularly iconic, I'm not even saying they make any sense physically. What's wrong with a few free-associative paradoxes every now and then, though? ;) In the context of the universe DS2 takes place in, maybe I'm stretching to say this, but it makes me feel as though the world I'm inhabiting is physically untrustworthy, and on a first playthrough, I felt like I could never guess what to expect next. It was a feeling I didn't get from the original where, looking back, I feel as though it should have opted for such a design. The fact that regions of space physically overlap and elevators into nothing give way without warning to impossible lava fortresses was done in such a way to give me the sense that I inhabited a fantasy world beyond my comprehension. It's something I wish I had seen in DS1, looking back. Maybe in an alternate universe, there is a Dark Souls 1 remaster being released that takes cues from DS2 in this regard. [citation needed]
  6. Yes. A major reason DS2 was panned by the players is because its level design is so very different from the first game, but I argue that this is in fact an area where 2 majorly improved over 1. I challenge you to play DS2 without the preconception that its level design is "inferior to DS1 because ... it's different". Compare DS1 and DS2's level design critically.
  7. There are many groups of enemies that do not respawn because the area was designed to offer an interesting encounter from one direction, and the encounter would result in unavoidable frustration or simply wouldn't be fun when faced from a different direction. For example, the toxic snipers in Blighttown would be close to unavoidable while climbing the long ladder on your way back up through the area in the opposite direction than intended, and to my knowledge this is required backtracking. Blighttown is the stand-out offender because that area seems more concerned with leading back to the Depths, on to Quelaag's Domain => the Demon Ruins => Lost Izalith, the Great Hollow => Ash Lake and the Valley of Drakes => Darkwood than it is with its own design design issues. Whoever designed the encounters for the area had to take into account that enemies in the area can be faced from a number of different directions, so compromises had to be made, and I think it shows. I don't think it's fair to argue that if you chose the 'correct' starting gift, you can skip out on some parts of the game being annoying; a new player is not going to be aware that taking the Master Key will allow you to enter Blighttown from the Depths instead of through Darkwood for example, and the Lordvessel is not obtainable until roughly 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through the game (depending on how good or lucky you are). I distinctly remember being required to backtrack through Blighttown three times in particular (back through either the Depths or the Valley of Drakes to get to the Great Hollow and Ash Lake, again to get to the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith, and one last time to get to Sen's Fortress). In fact, I would argue the Lordvessel exists because From conceded halfway through developing the game that backtracking through it was not fun. To my knowledge, the only other way to get the Master Key is by buying it off of an NPC in the Depths (?), an area which you are almost definitely going to backtrack through to get back from Blighttown to Sen's Fortress.
  8. A smaller part of my complaint does have to do with the visuals, but you're correct in saying the main part of my complaint has to do with the way the world is laid out. I found that often times, key parts of an encounter were only designed to be approached from one direction, so inevitably when I had to return through an area, they wouldn't respawn because From was aware the encounter doesn't work from a different direction. This meant that these sections ended up being a boring aimless memory game where I try to remember which path I didn't take yet while the ambient sounds of an empty level drove me to additional frustration. In other words, I'm suggesting that the "interconnected" world design in Dark Souls 1 in fact really hurts the game. You wouldn't tolerate having to backtrack 20 times through the same confusing empty region of a Doom level, so I don't understand why Dark Souls 1 gets praise for this.
  9. Debate amongst the community seems to center around the idea that DS2 is the easiest of the trilogy, and I'm inclined to agree after having played all three. If a DS1 remaster interests you, I humbly suggest picking up Scholar of the First Sin (an improved version of 2) and giving that a playthrough as your appetizer for DS1R
  10. Running gag since the first game "beware but hole" "poison gas but hole" "woman ahead therefore try tongue" "woman ahead? but trap" (in Gwynevere's room) "amazing chest ahead" The list goes on.
  11. Judging by the ModDB comment thread, this thread is about the Dead Sea.
  12. WHY did you pick this nickname. :D



      Because I thought it'd be funny

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      it is :D

  13. I never found Dark Souls 1 to be a particularly good game. I'm hoping for a "modernization" -- not a complete port of DS1 maps to DS3 mechanics or whatever, but some quality of life improvements that were added over the course of the series would be nice. The little things, like the equipment view in DS3 which shows you very clearly X stats will scale with Y weapon. I feel like the lack of these little things in addition to hardware/engine limitations played some part in why I disliked DS1 so much -- it was visually incredibly boring for most of the game. I don't think a remaster will fix the very poor world and encounter layouts, but I can at least pray. Also
  14. I don't mean to be "that guy" but I like that three of the four images in the OP are from my maps
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