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  1. Level design vs environment design: Which matters to you more?

    An environment can certainly be provoking and interesting enough to be memorable, but layout has far more impact. Layout directly determines whether your map will be remembered for being awful or great; the environment is entirely secondary. There is a particular mapper in this community that I think shows this dichotomy quite well. I will avoid naming names for obvious reasons. He is demonstrably capable of making highly detailed, evocative envionments that have some of the worst gameplay design in the entire idgames database, just as much as he is capable of making ugly cities with badly-palettized textures that play beautifully well. At the end of the day, it's his ugly cities that are remembered most fondly, at least for me.
  2. What is your favorite Undertale AU?

    My favorite Undertale AU is Lester the Unlikely
  3. What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Dragon Ball Z
  4. Sega Saturn DOOM TC!

    Framerate is way too high to be a faithful Saturn TC
  5. What do you think comes after death?

    Nothing. Human existence is fragile and pointless. Enjoy it while you can
  6. can you get smooth FPS on this wad?

    Runs fine for me on GZDoom 3.x. i5-3450 @ 3.7, 32GB RAM, GTX 980
  7. Forum Update?

    Well to be fair, despite the string of garbage I posted on the previous page of this thread (and, by default, this post), this is not the Kids React thread.
  8. Taking votes on my next Doomworld username


    1) basketballfart
    3) soggy_jeans

    4) <keep DILDOMASTER666>


    1. Xyzzy01
    2. mrthejoshmon
    3. KVELLER


      It has to be 4. I mean, come on man...

  9. Forum Update?

    Just so my intent was clear I actually used the like button on the above post to display that I liked it, not as a middle finger.
  10. Forum Update?

    Why are you actively trying to ruin a good thing
  11. Forum Update?

    Can you shut the fuck up before they change it please
  12. Forum Update?

    Just dropped back in to tell you that the new like button is the greatest like button on the internet but I am not going to expound on why that is so it doesn't get changed
  13. D&D Anthology (basically Baldur's Gate and Planescape) for $3
  14. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    There is no technical reason for that, fwiw
  15. Forum Update?

    I don't find that anything is objectionable about the new theme visually (it's still exactly as nice as the older software's theme which I liked a lot), it's just that it has the unfortunate association of also being a part of the new forum software and that in turn I associate with a change in the way the forum itself is being administrated that I very much don't care for. This isn't a callout post or whatever, just wasn't sure where to share this opinion without giving the impression I'm trying to make a callout One thing I would consider changing is the like button. It's a bit sore to look at right now, I liked the previous version of it more