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  1. I don't expect a substitute for a professional opinion, just curious what you guys might do in this situation

    I'm an E-5 in the Navy, supervisor for a bunch of other E-5s and below, chain of command tells me I shouldn't be doing actual work because I'm a supervisor or whatever and I'd rather keep busy because otherwise the impending 12-hour shifts are going to really suck cock.

    I guess really the question is: would you work my ass off in opposition to what your CoC is telling you and keep the respect of your people, or would you instead do what your chain is telling you to do and appear lazy and unmotivated to your junior guys

    1. Obsidian


      The day you get punished for working hard is the day you should resign. Personally I'd recommend a balance between the two so you can still be useful without getting distracted from supervising too much.

    2. geo


      Personally, I'd work. You work out of boredom, you work to look good, set a good example. But, there's a chain of command. You need to follow orders and take it easy. Guess you should follow those orders. In a way I can understand why you should supervise and not work. Someone could fuck something up while you're working.

    3. Phml


      Won't claim to know shit about the Navy, but in any other work environment I've been in, people aren't robots and will screw up if left unattended (often not due to any mistake of their own, some tasks require overall coordination by one person). Doing busywork instead of supervising if the latter is your job defeats the point.

      It's easy to see supervision as a pointless task consisting of sitting back and doing nothing. But if you manage people, their different egos and personalities so they all do their job instead of (say) half of it, with only a team of ten you're already doing five times better than if you just took on one guy's workload. It might not be fun, but there's a reason people are paid more to essentially give emotional handjobs.

      (Of course, this being DW I fully expect a rant coming saying that reason is the great NSA conspiracy spearheaded by a top-hat wearing mammoth-god trampling on poor people so Obama can take baths in money scrooge mcduck style.)