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  1. This thread is an outlet for a few of my bullshit thoughts about the latest Metal Gear Online. Maybe I'll post more shit opinions as they come to me.

    1) I think the Combat Knife alt-stab while laying prone is incredibly overpowered as-is. The current dominant strategy in CQC matches is to quick-dive which can cause either a brief stun or a knockdown, and is easily followed by a foot-stab that seems like it can one shot even Snake and Ocelot, who have the highest health in the game (by a factor of at least two).

    2) The poor netcode amplifies the previous problem a lot. Because of latency, I can Fulton Punch someone a good several seconds before they "force pull" me into another location with CQC, which seems to end up in me getting KO'd every time. Sometimes, I'll get KO'd and then they "receive" my Fulton Punch. You can imagine how upsetting it can be to clearly slit someone's throat, but because of lag, their "super footstab" takes precedence and you die from what seems like 20 feet away on your screen.

    3) The stock game modes and maps leave a lot to be desired. As much as I love this game, Black Site Night is the only good map (can't say for the DLC levels that just came out). Gray Rampart is shit. Amber Station is meh. Red Fortress is only good for CQC matches because whoever is on the team that spawns inside the fortress will always win, since all of the original game modes are basically Team Deathmatch.

    4) The weapon variety is lame. There are a total of two rifles worth using: the AM MRS-4 and the UN-ARC. That is also 2/3 of all the assault rifles in the game. There is one lethal handgun worth using at all out of two I've seen, and there are only two non-lethal ranged weapon options, the Wu-S and the Bullhorn. And the Bullhorn got a serious nerf on 1.07 IIRC. There are other "unique" strategies you can employ and they do work, like throwing empty magazines to stun people, but this is just a stop-gap solution to the problem that this game seems to have everywhere: content is missing.

    5) Infiltrator is the best class. Enforcers are slowed down far too much for their marginal health increase to be worthwhile in a firefight, and Scouts are just babby's first infiltrator minus the FULTON+3 ability.

    1. Lizardcommando


      Three iterations of MGO and it's still laggy as shit. I enjoyed the first one. It had its flaws, but it there was a certain charm to it. I didn't get a chance to play MGO2, mostly due to the fact that setting it up was a gigantic pain in the ass and I was never able to download is (Fuck that Konami ID shit). I guess there is also the online mode for Peace Walker too which was ok. Still laggy as hell though, but I had fun.

      Now this new version just seems to have gotten worse, especially after that new update. The lag situation feels even worse. I kill someone but they're still running around a few more seconds AND THEN they drop dead. I still haven't had the chance to play as Quiet or even Snake. Maps are kinda meh. Black Site's probably the only decent map out of all the default maps. I really hope they bring back maps from the older MGO games. Weapon balance is really iffy. How can the rocket punch, the Serval or the grenade launcher kill you in one hit while the rocket launcher takes two hits to kill you? I don't mind the Infiltrator or the Enforcer class, but yeah, I agree that the Scout class is really useless.