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  1. DaJuice

    Hot Sauce

    I usually stick to regular tabasco or tabasco habanero sauce (really hot and also tasty). The other hot sauces you find in the average supermarket are usually cheap shit that's not even hot.
  2. DaJuice

    Go on, pick your country

    That's a screencap from the Colbert Report on Comdey Central IIRC. The joke was that Iran was the winner and gets to go to war with the US next as the prize, or somthing like that...
  3. DaJuice

    Show off your Comp

  4. DaJuice

    Cyberdemon Ultimate wallpaper render

    Hi, pretty nice work man. I like the background too.
  5. DaJuice

    Hell Knight Bust

    Wow, great job shapeless! I think this might be your best work yet.
  6. DaJuice

    Chronicles of Narnia

    Haha, I totally thought he was gonna try something on the girl.
  7. DaJuice

    Chronicles of Narnia

    Believe it or not, Potter WAS better than this movie.
  8. DaJuice

    Baron of Hell (coloured)

    Hey, that's pretty nice Coopersville! Well done dude.
  9. DaJuice

    America has invaded Syyria

    Yeah, rogue (as in, not in step with the US) would have been a better word.
  10. DaJuice

    America has invaded Syyria

    That whole part of the debate is pointless, as WMDs and "democracy" in the Middle East were nothing but a front to begin with. The modus opperandi for the US was very simple: get rid of hostile regimes and secure American interests. Same old same old. WMDs and liberation of an oppressed people were just two palatable reasons to convince the American people. I'm sure they figured that Iran and Syria are next, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. DaJuice

    Dateline vs. Predator

    I watched this episode of Dateline, and holy hell was that hilarious. The retard that tried to hook up the very next day.. rofl. I almost felt sorry for the Rabbi (sp?) dude, even though he was an old perv.
  12. DaJuice

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    Idunno, if the stuff in the game has actual monetary value (as in can be sold on ebay) then it's pretty much theft, isn't it? But I suppose the line is kinda blurry because the assets in these games were never meant to be traded for real money...strange times. :P
  13. DaJuice

    Where Did Your Title Come From?

    I thought it was more from your gratuitous crotch-modeling.
  14. DaJuice

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    I did like the scene where the "imp" gets stuck in the nano-door. And the first-person fight with pinky was pretty cool. But overall I thought it pretty much sucked. -0 memorable characters. -Stupid contrived idea for the source of the monsters. -Lame action scenes -Shitty lighting that looks just like Doom3 and reminds you you're watching a B-movie -Cheap sets that have no continuity or feeling of an actual place -Only 3 types of monsters. So many missed oppertunities:( I just saw the movie, but I'm already forgetting it.