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  1. Xaechireon

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    If a map has multiple sectors with identical heights, as well as floor and ceiling flats, does merging them improve performance?
  2. Xaechireon

    Can't download Harmony

    Awesome. Thanks guys.
  3. Xaechireon

    Can't download Harmony

    I've been trying to download Harmony from the DRD team site, but the link just leads to a blank page. I tried using three different internet browsers, a download manager, another computer, but all with no success. Is there any way to deal with this, or a mirror I can get it from?
  4. Xaechireon

    Can't download Harmony

    Nope, not blocking it.
  5. Xaechireon

    Can't download Harmony

    Well, yes, they all do, but the download button links to aforementioned link.
  6. Xaechireon

    I need textures

  7. Xaechireon

    Project announcement: Scythe X

    I could probably do the graphics. (though I can't currently colour for nuts.)
  8. Xaechireon

    Spider mastermind concept

    Its not exactly final, but what do you guys think?
  9. Is there anyway to make a trigger for something other than a door that requires a key? This is Boom I'm talking about.
  10. Xaechireon

    Things that are not doors and need keys

    Oh. Cool. Is it also possible to trigger floor scrolling?
  11. Xaechireon


    I'm making a map in Boom. It has deaf monsters. When I fire a gun too close to them, they get alerted, despite being deaf. How can I fix this?
  12. Xaechireon

    Failure to create key WAD.

    This issue happens whenever I attempt to start up XWE on a computer with limited user access, something like that. I can't possibly replicate the same thing right now, but something like that happens. I've fiddled with the INI file but it just won't work. It doesn't even ask me for the main WAD when starting up for the first time. It just gives me that error and doesn't work.
  13. Xaechireon

    A few quick/newbie questions

    To name your map, you can create a DEHACKED or MAPINFO lump, as earlier mentioned, and type in some stuff. I don't remember what exactly to type into DEHACKED, you can figure that out with WhackEd2. If you're gonna use MAPINFO, check out the MAPINFO page on ZDoom wiki and go figure.
  14. Xaechireon

    Boom tester

    I'm aware of the angle definitions to be designated to the sprite names. I was just concerned that Boom might not accept the whole 8 angle definition for a sprite who's angles definition was 0. I suppose my concerns are unfounded though.
  15. Xaechireon

    Boom tester

    Could someone help me test this wad of mine and see if the monsters at the end of the map(just Noclip and move backwards of your starting position till you see some black monster sprites that are obviously not IWAD material) work right with the DEHACKED patch? I don't have a Boom port and don't plan to download one just to see if it works for the first and only Boom map I have created/ am going to create. I also don't have a personal computer of my own right now and I'm not allowed to install games on this one. pyocoaqa.zip - 0.42MB It is more or less complete, so if you want to review the map while you're at it, be my guest.
  16. Xaechireon

    Boom tester

    Thanks guys. I'll load it up to idgames soon to share the joy and frustration. The monsters have full rotation sprites while attacking right? I was using the Wolfenstein SS sprites for this, and since their attack frames are 0 angle, as opposed to the replacement sprites using the 5 angle 3 mirrored thing, I'm concerned.
  17. Xaechireon

    Enemy drops

    How do I make the Wolfenstein SS not drop anything, or drop something other than a clip? I'm making this Boom compatible, so DEHACKED only, no DECORATE or what.
  18. Xaechireon

    Enemy drops

    This has been grandly helpful to me. Thanks guys.
  19. Xaechireon

    Ducker 2

    The legs look a little small.
  20. Xaechireon

    Problem using WhackEd2

    I'm trying to use WhackEd2 to turn the Wolfenstein SS into a non-comical monster that fires Commander Keens which have been turned into projectiles. However, now the Wolfy is unshootable, and the Commander Keens don't disappear. I also don't know how to set when the actor becomes fully bright. Also, while both ZDoom and Legacy will make use of the 8 angle sprite replacements I plunked in for the attack states, are there any Boom ports that might not be so forgiving and require that I do something extra before this happens? This is the stuff I plunked in. Thing 24 (Satyr) Pain chance = 4 Exploding frame = 0 Bits = SOLID + SHOOTABLE + JUSTHIT + COUNTKILL Respawn frame = 0 Thing 25 (Satyr Fireball) Hit points = 1000 Alert sound = 16 Reaction time = 0 Injury frame = 0 Pain chance = 0 Pain sound = 0 Death frame = 766 Death sound = 17 Speed = 2949120 Width = 458752 Height = 655360 Missile damage = 12 Bits = NOGRAVITY + MISSILE
  21. Xaechireon

    Problem using WhackEd2

    Uh.. okay. Its telling me "CheckIWAD: IWAD tag doom2.wad not present" after I copied Doom2.wad into the directory. What does that mean?
  22. Xaechireon

    Problem using WhackEd2

    If it can work in ZDaemon, would that pass?
  23. Xaechireon

    Problem using WhackEd2

    I managed to get the SS replacement to do new stuff, tossing fatty shots and all, but now for some reason the DEHACKED thing won't work on Legacy, but it will work on ZDoom. That's not exactly good, seeing how this wad is meant to be Boom compatible. What should I do to fix that?
  24. Xaechireon

    Weed worse than cigs?

    They probably target weed 'cause you can't grow cigs in your backyard, and they can't bring in taxes because of that, unlike cigs.