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  1. On June 6th I am flying from Denver to Chicago, then from Chicago to Tokoyo and then from Tokoyo to Bangkok. This is my first trip outside the US, I have never been on an airplane before, and I have never traveled this far before. This is a trip of firsts. That being said, it follows that I have never been to Asia before. I will stay in Bangkok for 2 weeks whilst I tour the country. Any sort of feedback on what I could expect? People who have been to Bangkok before? Travel Tips? Any feedback that would benefit an awkward 18-year old (namely me) in a foreign country?

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Patrick Pineda said:

      ... On top of that, not meaning to sound racist (I'm Mexican after all), ...

      For the record, mexicans and mexican americans have been known to be racist.

    3. Danarchy


      I'd mention Carlos Mencia, but he's not actually Mexican. That's not even his real name.

    4. scorpion


      Patrick Formerly Known as Janitor, pictures? Hope you're enjoying Thailand®: The country with the Happy Endings