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  1. Its official. I'm back. After 20+ hours of plane flights, I have officially decided that I will never set foot on another plane again.

    Upon waking I found that I had been asleep for around 10 hours. That's Jetlag. I decided that I would have a look around the compound. Its about the size of a small neighborhood. My whole Thai family lives there. I met 2 of my cousins I never knew I had. After realizing that it was only 8 in the morning, I embarked to explore the house. Thais are big about staircases. Every room in the house has stairs to it. Granted, some sets are only 1 step. They make these stairs just small enough that you don't see them, but tall enough that you will trip down an entire flight of 1 inch tall stairs. Go figure.

    I explored the local markets to find that you can buy everything that you can in the US, except cheaper and more of it. Things that aren't even for sale in the US yet. Like Indy 4 and Iron Man. I was welcomed to the markets by a torrential downpour that effectively turned my shoes into buckets. The weather is just like the US, except cheaper and more of it.

    The next day was a trip to the Royal Palace. Thailand is a relatively new country. It was founded at about the same time as the US. The royal palace is about 200 years old. The architecture is really quite something. It is impossible to describe, so I'll sum it up in one word: pointy.

    I then took a trip to the 7 Waterfalls. There are 7 waterfalls. These are places you only dream about. Smooth, shallow sandy ponds filled with clear light blue water. Water falling into them from rocks that have been worn down from thousands of years of wear, the rocks are completely smooth. Trees hang over the areas that have also been there for thousands of years. Some trees are covered in Buddhist ornament, these are considered sacred trees. Really quite serene.

    That sums up my first week there: Check out my photos now.

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    2. Danarchy


      Uh, I highly doubt that. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many Cuban refugees in Florida. And Audioslave wouldn't have been able to come back. And other things. However, Cuban cigars are illegal in America, and pretty much everyone who goes to Canada around here ends up coming back with a smuggled box of them. :P

    3. deathbringer


      Oh right, just some woman at work went and other people where saying "Oh you won't be able to go to America now, they'll see the Cuba stamp and turn you away". Wonder what that was all about...

    4. Lüt


      Wow, goth caves, what won't they think of next? :o