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  1. Ok, so Ling's thread harshly reminded me that I need to plan for my future. Having graduated from High School some time ago, I think its about time to consider higher education. Problem: my grades sucked and I didnt apply for college. Now, in today's world, going to college is essential to having a job better than mine (being a Janitor and TiVo tech support) So naturally, I have a few questions for everyone who is going to college, or has gone to college. What's it like? How do you get in? Does it matter which school you go to? What was your college experience like? How do you find the right major? I understand that there are plenty of college websites and such, I'd just like to hear from people who are a little more down to earth.

    Right now I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, other than go back to Bangkok, meet a pretty Thai girl and be rich. And play Doom.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Go to college, you'll get smarter like that. Smarter gets you rich and laid and you'll be all the more awesome for it.

      Seriously, I love college.

    3. SYS


      Trade school's another option you might like to explore if you've the slightest interest in that kind of shit. A Buddy of mine has been raking in good cash as a Boilermaker. Once he has enough hours and there's no work, they still send him cheques in the mail till his next job. At times he gets sent up to shitty locations. When he does they give him a chunk of money just to travel there, lodging, and a daily food allowance. All ontop of his 30 bucks an hour.

      If you decide on College just make sure you can actually use it towards something. There's already enough people in this world that have degrees which put them into debt that never brought them any benefit.

    4. Sharessa


      Money for college is easy to come by. There are so many types of financial aid you can get, and even if you fail to get that you can always get a student loan.

      My advice for what type of schooling to get is this: work towards getting a career, not getting a degree. I know way, way, way too many people who have gone to school for four years and have gotten a degree and are now working dead-end jobs while wondering just what the fuck they're going to do with their English/Philosophy/Psychology/Marketing/Computer Science degree. The people I know who are actually making good money right now aren't even working jobs they got degrees for. I have one friend who has climbed quickly up the Microsoft ladder and is now head of network security in one of their departments at the age of 24, and he never finished college. I have another friend who is making pretty good money programming at THQ, but his degrees were in Psychology and Advertising.

      I've not gone through college myself (aside from doing some tentative classes at the local community college a while back), but next year I'm going to go to school to get a certificate for audio technology. I finally sat down and thought "okay, what career would I be the most comfortable with having?" I think my dream job has always been to be a musician, but looking at it more realistically, I figure doing audio production would be a surer bet. So knowing that, I looked up what kind of schooling I'd need, and that's what I'm going for. I'm a little disheartened that I'm getting a certificate instead of a degree out of it, but oh well. If you really think about it, what the fuck is the difference anyway?