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  1. [for people who don't like me ranting, this paragraph can be skipped]

    Ok. Comcast is currently charging me 64.00 a month for only internet at 6 megs. I called them to find out why its 12 dollars higher than it has been. Apparently because I do not have cable service, the 12 extra dollars is their "Speed" charge, and that charge will be removed as a bonus for getting basic cable. Conveniently basic cable is 15 dollars a month. I can keep paying 64 dollars a month and get slow-ass internet, or I can pay 67 dollars a month and get slow-ass internet as well as basic cable. So this brings me to my point. I'd sooner get more for my money than have to deal with their retention department or switching to another more expensive provider.


    I am going to get basic cable, but I'm never around to watch it. Can anyone recommend a good DVR or way to record TV? Here are my criteria:

    (1) Needs to have the ability to store at least 10 shows at a time
    (2) User friendly
    (3) not from Comcast (their DVR requires a premium package)
    (4) Must not look like this:

    Thanks for any help

    1. Planky


      I've been using Windows Media Center, rather than a hard drive based recorder, for about two years now. I put in a 500GB harddrive, which stores all of my music, movies and recorded shows. I think I'm only using a quarter of the drive at the moment.

      The interface is clean and easy to use. Easy to setup, for me at least, as I have been told by others it can be difficult. Just drop in a supported TV Tuner, Video card and a decoder and off it goes. Stores as many shows as you have space.

      The only issue I have with this setup is the size of the recorded shows - 30 minutes equates to approx 1 GB. I have a DVR-MS converter program that can strip the DRM (which honestly hasnt been a problem, I can watch the shows on any other PC without issue) and reencode it to Xvid, but am yet to set that up.

      Just the other day we had cable installed and I was able to route it through Media Center without a problem.

    2. AndrewB


      I'm charged $10 per month for 5 meg service.

    3. exp(x)


      Before I had a TV, I used my tuner card with MythTV.