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  1. Since my computer was recently compromised, I lost all of my mods and my 10 Billion WIP projects. Suffice to say, there's a hole in my life where my favorite hobby used to be, and I'm quite upset because years worth of work and discovery are gone down the drain, and I won't ever be able to get back to where I was.

    But. I'm not going to drop doom modding since this is one of my few favorite things to do. I would like to finally make my Magnum Opus of Doom modding before I move onto other things. I have a very good knowledge of ZDoom and would like to put out a project for ZDoom.

    With that said, a few weeks ago I had a very beautiful and mind opening psychedellic experience that really changed how I look at my life, among other things. And I found that it was also an incredible source of inspiration for Doom mods.

    So here's the idea I had, narrarated from the perspective of the player.

    "I have often wondered if this prison is even real. The gaurds look on, speaking to me in tongues. The writing on the wall only tells me how long I've been here, but even then, I do not know if they are days, years or eternities. No sentence, no parole, no visitors, no light. The only voices which speaks clearly to me are those of the cold steel bars, and they tell me I will never see the her again. My mind wanders and I don't know where it will go.

    I only want to see her light. I only want know what it feels to bask in her glowing rays and know that I am real."

    I like the idea of creating a mod where the gameplay is a trip (if you will) through the prisoners mind. The only goal of the game is to find sunlight. I don't have much other than that. I'd like to create some surreal levels that represent various aspects of the protagonists psyche.

    This is a concept i'd like to play with:

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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    2. Patrick


      Super Jamie said:

      it's amazing how one tab of blotter paper can change your entire perception of your environment.


      But seriously, Cold as Hell comes very close to what I have in mind. Think: Desolation. Emptiness. Abandonment. Alone.

      Even in a Doom map, you're not alone, because there's monsters and guns. When its just you and yourself in a room? That's even scarier.

    3. Maes


      I once fell asleep while watching a lava lamp.

    4. Maes


      Patrick said:

      Think: Desolation. Emptiness. Abandonment. Alone.

      I can't help but think of David Firth's cartoons man, even though they also have a strong psychosis component. Some of his older B&W "paperflashes" are probably close to what you're looking for: