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  1. WOOOOHOOOOO, I QUIT SMOKING TOBACCO!!!! Unfortunately, while my tobacco consumption has gone away, my cannabis use has gone up a lot. I don't see this as much of a problem, but I still smoke it. I dont want to breathe another liter of smoke into my lungs in my entire life, but I also don't want to give up Cannabis because I love it so damn much. That being said, I'm looking for some easy to make recipies that people have found to work for consuming cannabis. I'm going to miss smoking it, but eating it certainly seems healthier. I've found a number of recipies online, but I've yet to find one that works, and works well. Has anyone got any that have been known to work? I haven't had any luck so far. Maybe there's some step I'm missing?

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    2. Kelzam


      Use3D said:

      I'll be sure to tell my old hippie friend who's been baking, smoking and growing weed longer than most of you have been alive that some kid on the internet thinks he's not doing it right. Also, bugger off.

      What is this 'get off my lawn' attitude? :P

    3. Sharessa


      "I remember when a dime bag cost, like, a dime, you know?"

    4. baronofheck82


      I haven't smoked any smoke since uh....last night? /me loves t3h w33d