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  1. Classes and work are canceled until further notice.

    Colorado: 70F yesterday, 20F Today. Wat?

    1. Malinku


      Why I don't want to live in Colorado

    2. Snakes


      Patrick said:

      Colorado: 70F yesterday, 20F Today. Wat?

      Sounds like a typical week in Missouri. I believe we've had 2 separate 40F fluctuations this month. And when they aren't fluctuating, we're either cold as hell, or 95F with 80000000% humidity... I want to move.

    3. Mechadon


      It was sorta like that here yesterday (south-western VA). A few days ago it was sunny and really nice out. Yesterday morning it was snowing and the rest of the day was overcast and cold. Today, it seems like the sun wants to come back out.

      I love/hate March weather :S