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  1. <Hobo> Buck-Tick - My Fucking Valentine
    <Bloodshedder> how fucking great
    <Hobo> Hoo fucking ray.
    <woieh> what
    <Bloodshedder> holy fucking hell
    <Bloodshedder> it's fucking woieh
    <woieh> I hate you guys so much
    <Bloodshedder> i fucking hate you too
    <Hobo> I hate you too.
    <woieh> i know :(
    <Bloodshedder> i fucking don't know why i'm fucking using fucking
    <Hobo> Ew.
    <Assmaster> Hobo fucking started it
    <Assmaster> that fucker
    <Bloodshedder> stupid fucking hobobobobo
    <Assmaster> heh
    <Cyb> fuck you fucking fuckers
    <Cyb> fuck fuckity fuck fuck
    <Bloodshedder> fuck you fucking cyb you fucker
    <Bloodshedder> +fucking
    <Hobo> BAND!
    <Cyb> fuck you too mister fucker!
    <Bloodshedder> fucking hell, shut the fuck up
    <Bloodshedder> what the fuck is fucking up with you, you fucking fuck
    <Hobo> take your own fucking advice, you fucking spellchecking piece of fucking shit.
    <Bloodshedder> i can't fucking tell if that was fucking serious
    <Assmaster> Are you fucks still fucking around?
    <Cyb> h well that's just a personal attack
    <Hobo> fuck, neither can I.
    * Hobo fucks Assmaster.
    <Assmaster> w00t
    <Hobo> fucking w00t

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    2. Grazza
    3. Quast


      that's not even a 1/4 or 1/5 of the entire train

    4. Danarchy


      Yeah, it went on for about an hour.