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  1. I bought an iRiver iHP-120 20gig portable MP3 player about a week ago from newegg. Right out of the box, the corded remote was experiencing problems. It seems as if there is a lack of contact in the headphone jack. Unless I hold down the plug, I get distorted sound. So now I have to send this thing back and have it repaired/replaced.

    I guess this is the big downside to ordering things online. It's chaper, but there's a big waiting time. Man this sucks.

    Heh, I decided to leave the music I copied over on the player. Somone at newegg's customer service center is going to have copies of Deathz0r's "WTF" doom remixes.

    1. Scuba Steve
    2. Sephiroth


      ipods can be a bitch and are usally over priced. they are the number one MP3 player i see returned.

      however i would most likely buy a nomad or lyra MP3 player. my MD player works fine, i went on a tip from a few friends. it has worked well. holds 650MB worth of MP3, OGG, openMG music. its durable and strong and has exellent battery life