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  1. Note to mods: This doesnt really belong in the doom3 forums since it's more a story about what happened to me on "D Day" and not about the game itself.

    So today at 6:30pm I handed some work over to the proof reader and sat back at my station. I didnt have anything to do for the moment so I hopped onto the gamestop site to see if there were any updates on the release of doom 3. I used the store locator function to find out what was going on at my local gamestop and it didnt have the usual "Pre-release" note. Instead it said that the game was in. I knew what I had to do....

    Me (to my project manager): "ImGonnaGoGetSomethingToEat"
    Project Manager: *stares as I run out of the office*

    I ran as fast as possible from 42nd and Lexington to 44th and 6th avenue. This was the first time I ever regretted being a smoker. My lungs were burning after 3 blocks but I pressed on.

    I stepped in the store and approached the register. The guy here recognized me and knew what I had come for.

    Guy: "You're here for doom 3, right?"
    Me: "Yep"
    Guy: "You got a pre-order?"
    Me: "I have one at a different gamestop...
    Guy: "You can only use them at the store where you get them"
    Me: *look of shock*
    Guy: "Here, I'll let you pre-order now"

    So I pre-ordered the game again and was told to wait outside where a line was forming. While I was out there I ran into someone I went to college with. He was here for the same reason.

    Thirty minutes later, we were allowed to enter the store one at a time and pick up our purchase, and I strode back to work, which is where Im writing this from (just finished my revisions).

    Yeah, it's just a game. But part of the fun was the anticipation. In fact I think the mad rush to get the game was probably more fun than actually playing it will be.

    Edit: Heh, while I was waiting on line I wondered if maybe Blackfish would show up there. Didnt notice any tiny red-headed boys though.

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    2. BlackFish


      Amaster said:

      Edit: Heh, while I was waiting on line I wondered if maybe Blackfish would show up there. Didnt notice any tiny red-headed boys though.

      Nope, still getting it at west 4th tommorow. :-/

    3. Cyb


      Now let me tell my Doom 3 story!

      Okay, after work I came home and changed and then I drove to the mall. I checked in Gamestop because it's closest to the entrance I parked by but they aren't selling it until the 4th. Then I went upstairs and looked in FYE because I happened to pass them and they sell PC games. No Doom 3. Then I went into EB and they had 12 copies sitting there and I bought one. Then I drove home and now I'm installing it.

      Exciting, no?

    4. deathz0r


      Now let me tell my Doom 3 story!

      I just installed it. Now I'm going to attempt to run it with this lovely S3 Savage card.