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  1. So, I finally got my copy of the doom 3 theme on vinyl, number 84/500. The cover art is quite nice. And of course it's signed by Chris Vrenna. The album has some other song on side B but who really cares about that. The package also came with a sampler CD filled with music and game trailers which I havent bothered to even open, and a tweaker postcard.

    Also pictured above is the GBA SP that I picked up last week. Just in front of it is the flash cart which I finally got in the mail today. It's a 512 megabit cartridge so I've been able to "back up" several games on it. The software for writing games has built-in support for NES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color games.

    The NES emulator is quite cool. I can hit the R button to bring up the menu and select the NES game I want as well as set autofire, manage savegames, and even save/load game states. There's also functions for viewing text and images, as well as a memo/alarm system, none of which I will ever use.

    So yeah, wootage!

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    2. Gokuma


      Yeah, Nintendo is freaking lame as hell. Fortunately some other companies (Million/Technos + Atlus, Treasure, and Enix) are doing better jobs. RCR EX has a whole shitload of new features and stuff. The only thing that sucks is they made it only one player. However, some people are working on a hack of it called RCR EX2 with multiplayer put back in. Guardians Heroes Advance is actually a sequal to the original Saturn game. This new GH plays substantially differently and feels like it's mutated halfway into Contra Hard Corps (which makes it freaking hard as hell but not bad). Dragon Warrior 3 is a port of the greatly expanded Super Famicom Dragon Quest 3 Remix.

      Personally, I'm still pissed we're reduced to playing good games on a little portable system. I'll be damned if I'm going to buy GB SP with unbelievably even cheaper controls. I don't care if it's backlit. I'll just stick with my KOF edition GBA and official Nintendo rechargable battery pack (which may not have been released in the US).

    3. Epyo
    4. Amaster


      Yeah wtf, arent there at least two versions of Super Mario 3 on the GBA? When I bought the SP unit, I also picked up a copy of Super mario world. And while it's a wonderful game that I never get tired of, I was a little miffed that I payed $30 for it despite few additions. And what little was added isnt even worth mentioning.