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  1. http://jasonm.youfailit.net/xpong.swf

    Player 1 is controlled with the up and down arrow keys.
    Player 2 is controlled with numpad 8 and 2.

    I banged this out today and friday when I had no work to do. It's pretty simplistic obviously, and terribly coded, but Im kinda proud of it since I managed to write it without any help at all. The collision sound effect was downloaded though so I cant take credit for that.

    Thing is, I dont really have anywhere else to go with this. All I really have left to add is a keyboard config screen and maybe some other useless options. Perhaps a title screen, and a way to restart the game is probably a good idea too. But otherwise I guess I'll be done with it soon :(

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Snarboo said:

      This isn't really a bug, but you might want to keep the player from setting the game up so that the paddles, ball and background have the same color, otherwise it's impossible to see anything. I know, you wouldn't purposely do that, but someone might do so accidently.

      This has been discussed previously and the conclusion from amaster himself was that if you're dumb enough to actually do that then you will have to start over or modify it or whatever.

    3. Amaster


      Here's a preview of the latest development: Edit Mode

      Soon you will be able to draw your own backgrounds and paddle designs, as well as select pre-existing ones. Cyb once kicked a puppy!

      Edit: YFI is down at the time of this writing. Thanks to Sarge for hosting the image and being part of the XPong team.

    4. Amaster


      Well, here is the final version of xpong:

      Edit mode is included but it's only in a barebones state. To use it, select edit mode fomr the main menu, draw what you want (only one color available), then exit edit mode and start a game. Your drawing will be used as a background.

      Why is this broken piece of crap the final version? To put it simply, im not really interested in working on it anymore. the amount of work is exceeding the amount of enjoyment I'm recieving from it. Also, I have new games I want to move onto. Cyb Industries may or may not follow suit.

      Thanks to everyone who "supported" me though. I really didnt expect the response I got from this.