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  1. http://jasonm.youfailit.net/xpong.swf

    Player 1 is controlled with the up and down arrow keys.
    Player 2 is controlled with numpad 8 and 2.

    I banged this out today and friday when I had no work to do. It's pretty simplistic obviously, and terribly coded, but Im kinda proud of it since I managed to write it without any help at all. The collision sound effect was downloaded though so I cant take credit for that.

    Thing is, I dont really have anywhere else to go with this. All I really have left to add is a keyboard config screen and maybe some other useless options. Perhaps a title screen, and a way to restart the game is probably a good idea too. But otherwise I guess I'll be done with it soon :(

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    2. deathz0r


      How the hell am I supposed to win against the computer player? They always hit it back.

      EDIT: After five minutes of playing, I finally scored. Horray, 1-0!

    3. sargebaldy


      You have to not suck.

    4. Snarboo


      This isn't really a bug, but you might want to keep the player from setting the game up so that the paddles, ball and background have the same color, otherwise it's impossible to see anything. I know, you wouldn't purposely do that, but someone might do so accidently. Other than that, this is an awesome update! I'm loving the particle effects. Any plans on allowing the player to customize the ball or particle color? An option to turn off particles might be nice for those who don't like it, but that's up to you.

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