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  1. And broke it in a matter of minutes.

    It's a "6 channel" helicopter meaning that the remote has more buttons, knobs, levers, and dip switches than anything should ever have. The draw to these kinds of choppers is that they can do tricks like loops and upside-down flight. It still functions but the tail is bent. Bending it back into place should take care of that but I can buy a replacement for like $5 in the worst case scenario. Main blades are chipped but I have replacements for those.

    Basically what happened was that we decided to test it out in the office. Little did I know that this thing was going to be quite difficult to control. Despite my best efforts to keep it steady, it pitched backwards during takeoff and caught the floor which caused it to snap against the ground, thus bending the tail.

    See, the thing was shipped in from China and the instructions are in incomprehensible engrish. So figuring out the functions was practically impossible without actually attempting flight. Guess I should have gotten that flight training software along with it (I just had someone place an order for it as well as a training kit to help keep it level). But hey, at least it still works!

    I'll post pics as soon as I get home.

    So uh, anyone got any comparable stories?

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    2. Amaster


      Well, someone ordered a connection cable that allows the remote to be used with training software on the PC. This should help.

      I'm pretty heavily into all sorts of R/C. I'm mostly a monster truck guy though, I have owned gas and electric r/c's though now I have a customised traxxas emaxx which will go pretty much anywhere.

      Heh, I thought watches were your thing. Truck and tank are kinda on my list as well. Planes Im not that interested in, though I've seen some cheap enough to make it worth it.

      Maintenance is something I expected and Im glad to see that the parts are pretty easy to swap in and out on this thing.

    3. Sharessa


      Is it legal to have an R/C tank that shoots live rounds?

    4. pritch


      Watches, cellphones, toys, not growing up generally, eating junk food, watching sports, it's all part of the magic that is pritch