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  1. So today I bought a compaq presario 1500 laptop from someone for $10. The specs are decent, especially considering I paid next to nothing. However, there's a reason I got it for so cheap.

    There's a problem with the LCD backlight. It shuts off at what seems like random times, never coming back on without powering down the machine then powering up.

    The problem seems to be a loose cable running to the screen, but Im not quite sure. Sometimes, just slightly touching the screen will cause this to happen, other times I can wiggle the screen around quite a bit without any problem, and yet other times it will just shut off on its own. I was also able to reproduce this behavior while viewing the bios menu.

    So, anyone have any ideas on what I could possibly do? I've never had to work on an LCD screen before, but Im sure as hell not gonna pay to have it fixed, so I wouldnt mind trying it myself. I'd be losing only $10 if I end up destroying it.

    Tips are appreciated.