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  1. Ralph and I cooped this a few nights ago and had the following two problems in E1M8: 1. You know that section of floor that collapses into lava? The one located near the lift that takes you to the first of your final battles. The coop respawn point is located just before the aforementioned lava pit hallway and it's extremely difficult and frustrating to get across once it's collapsed. We had to lower the gravity to stop dying so much. I dont know if you would consider this a bug necessarily but I think it should be looked into. 2. It's possible for those two "mega-barons" (I cant remember their names) that you fight before the real last boss to follow you all the way back to the lava hallway that I mentioned in my first point.
  2. Amaster

    Mock 2 question

    It's a song by deathz0r called "Supar Doom 2 Doom Mix!"
  3. Amaster

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Hmm I think it's just e1m1 that ends up ruining things for a lot of people. It's a pretty ugly map and not fun to play. This is unfortunate since the rest of the wad looks much better. Like others have mentioned, E1M1 is this big mish mosh of textures in every room. This makes rooms look indistinct and is hard on the eyes. I was also put off by the coronas on light sources, particularly the orange ones. They just didnt look right in the available palette. The team's treatment of E1M8 was very nice.
  4. Amaster

    Doom collector's edition error problem

    Like BS said, it's possible that some kind of keyboard combo is causing the display rotation. If you have an ATI card or integrated chip, this process is handled by a service called the "ATi hotkey poller". If you dont normally use keyboard combos to adjust your screen settings then you can try disabling this service to see if it fixes the problem by going to start > run > services.msc. Look for Ati hotkey poller in the list, select it, go to its properties and change the startup type to "manual". You can set it back to "automatic" if you decide you ever regularly need this service. Nvidia drivers also have a hotkey menu somewhere but I dont know enough about disabling it.
  5. Amaster

    The most hated family in...

    Talk about trolling.
  6. Amaster

    Doom 3 PDA not responding to clicks

    This might sound really silly but is your left mouse button not assigned as the fire key? Did you accidentally bind it to something else?
  7. Amaster

    How do I switch menus??

  8. You could do an image>adjustments>replace color to get rid of large areas quickly. You could also just set image interpolation to nearest neighbor, which is what I think blackfish did. Or try bicubic sharper for a little less of "outlining". Edit: Wait what's wrong with resizing them after converting to indexed color? I believe this still uses the nearest neighbor method but at least it's "safe".
  9. Amaster

    MGS VS. Splinter Cell series

    MGS has a superior story and characters. It's generally fleshed out much better. However I had more plain old fun with SC1 and 2. There's more variety and I prefer the way the whole stealth thing is handled in that one. Never played chaos theory.
  10. Just found out my father died on sunday, at the age of 50.

    Thing is, I dunno how I feel about. We were never really close. Hell we lived on opposite sides of the country. Only spoke every couple of months, and that didnt even start happening until a few years ago.

    On one hand I know this means I'll never get to know him very well and I guess I do feel bad about that. But on the other hand it's just kinda like "oh well". I do regret never having traveled to visit him.

    Mostly I feel bad about not feeling as bad as I think I should, if that makes any sense.

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    2. Hobbs


      Don't feel bad about not feeling bad Ass. It doesn't make you a worse person or anything.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Feelings like yours are hard to reconcile with. With reflection, you'll come to an understanding with yourself.

    4. Mordeth


      Hobbs said:
      Don't feel bad about not feeling bad Ass. It doesn't make you a worse person or anything.

      Despite his title, that's one post from Hobbs you don't have to ignore.

  11. Amaster

    EDF Weapons Mockup

    How would bullets be defined? Will this allow more than one alt per slot?
  12. Amaster

    Parrots are funny

    It's almost as hilarious as making Microsoft Bob say naughty things.
  13. Aye, I've had that before. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to move, and there was some malicious person standing on my chest. Freaky as hell. However after some reading I found out this is not uncommon at all.
  14. First time I was not quite right was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I had a very high fever that caused me to start hallucinating. I only remember it very vaguely. I remember being in the bathroom and attempting to put batteries in my (illusory) mom's back as if she were an electronic toy. My actual mom walked in on this and freaked out, threw me under a cold shower and then took me to the hospital. I think I also saw things like gremlins (from the movies) in my closet. I missed a highly anticipated episode of ducktales because of that fever.
  15. Amaster

    Resurrection of evil help

    Yes, it wont ask you for the original doom3 disc during installation. In fact I just tested now with a copy of doom3 patched to version 1.3
  16. Amaster

    Resurrection of evil help

    Yes it should work fine.
  17. Amaster

    My first attempt at custom textures.

    The windows could use a 1 pixel shadow projected from the upper left. Also I think the grainy texture on the glass looks kinda weird since that effect is used on the wall too. I dunno, I guess they look nice.
  18. Amaster

    Resurrection of Evil

    It's an expansion.
  19. Amaster

    Spear of Destiny Enemy Attacks

    Im all for variety.
  20. Amaster

    Can I have... :P

    I've been bugging quas about reading keyboard input for the longest heh. But I can think of a way to do this using hud widgets. You could create a final map with the player in front of a usable line and then have that line call appropriate hud widget functions and display your image lumps when used. Not the most elegant thing in the world but it should work. For that matter I think this might work to obscure the role call at the end of doom2. Not really sure if it's possible to call scripts during that part.
  21. Amaster

    Alpha transparency in zdoom

    8 bit PNG (or just use cyan/the transparent index). A better way to work with doom's palette in photoshop is to periodically go to Image > Mode > Indexed Color and apply the doom palette.
  22. Amaster

    Stupid *Bleep*ing Transparent Textures!

    This is called the tutti frutti bug. It happens for a few different reasons, but it's hard to pinpoint without knowing how you're building this. Here are the possible reasons: 1. You used a short texture (less than 128 high) on a taller 1s line, or a transparency on a 1s line 2. You used a transparent texture on an Upper or Lower surface. 3. You accidentally set an X offset greater than the width of the texture applied (your editor should account for this). My question is why you're bothering with a transparent area at all. A quick way to make an overhang like the one you describe is to simply have a really short texture (say 2-4 pixels) applied to a series of 2s lines which form the shape of the faucet and then offset them as necessary.
  23. Amaster

    I'm living in the future!

    I have a touchscreen-only phone and I can understand what fraggle means. Missing that tactile quality of a keypad makes it sort of lack something. Also I find it easier to misdial things. That may or may not be to do with the screen itself. The iPhone is very pretty.
  24. Amaster

    Favorite non-alcoholic non-carbonated beverage?

    Coffee and uh... water I guess.
  25. Amaster

    Favorite Liqueurs/Distilled Beverages

    Grey Goose vodka. Best vodka no the planet (that I've had anyway). Little pricey unfortunately. Someone once gave me this vodka who's name I cant remember. It was combined with honey and peppers. I wish I could remember the name. Brugal rum. Im normally not crazy about rum but this stuff was pretty good. As far as mixed drinks I tend to stick to the vodka creanberry. I went through a martini and gin and tonic phase but that's over.