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  1. When I first tried to install Doom Builder on here, during installation, it said it couldn't install some DLL or something, so I just hit ignore after hitting retry a couple of times, I just hit ignore. So I start Doom Builder, and when I hit New Map, I get the error: "Run time error '53': File not found: msvbvm50.dll" Then the program crashes. so, I uninstall Doom Builder, then reinstall it- this time the error does not come up during installation, but when I try to make a new map again, I get the same thing. I think it should be noted I am running Vista Home Premium 43-bit. Any idea what's wrong here?
  2. Skeetz

    Cannot save maps- Error 5

    Alright, so I had just begun working on a new map, and decided to save my progress. All of a sudden, I get this error: Error 5 while saving map: Invalid procedure call or agrument This, obviously, keeps me from mapping. Can anyone help me out? I did a search, but nothing came up. Also, it should be noted I a on Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I did everything instructed in the sticky above, and I still get this problem. EDIT: Ok, now, I also get "Run time error 5" whenever I try to go into 3d mode or even test the wad.
  3. Skeetz

    Cannot save maps- Error 5

    Vbrun? I installed some other DLL, but not that... EDIT: Great, I just opened my WAD, and it turns out the map was deleted. I had only just started it, but it still upsets me.
  4. Skeetz


    I use GZDoom.
  5. Skeetz

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    Also, you might want to add that running it as Administrator might fix some problems as well.
  6. I could get mine in if someone could point my to a tut on how to make key colored doors.
  7. How about just Doom World for the name?
  8. Btw, once we have a name for the WAD, I'll be more than happy to make the Titlepic.
  9. Well, imho, ZDoom specific stuff would probably be okay, as long is it doesn't deviate to far from Doom. They could be used to add a few nice touches in maps; for instance, the lava falls in mine could have the top of the falls sloped, so it doesn't just look like a flat wall with lava flowing down it. What if we could use them, but it needed approval? In the meantime:
  10. Wait, if it's gong to use ZDoom, why can't we use slopes and such?
  11. Ok, I'll get right on finishing it for the Wad.
  12. Well, they are weapon sounds. However, I can probably make pain sounds for the monsters. What are the bosses? Also, is there room for my map?
  13. Hey, is it to late to join? Sort of a hellish themed map, using only Doom II textures.
  14. Would you guys be interested in some sound effects? I have a few laying around that I made before.
  15. Skeetz

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Funny, I think I made an imp-only level before, let me see if I can dig it up...
  16. Skeetz

    Community Joke (Please join!)

    I have the perfect idea. sign me up. As for a name...hmmm. The Joke The Joke of Jokes Joker... I don't know. Edit: Forget it, it wasn't that good an idea.
  17. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Hey guys, I just wanted some opinions on my first wad, which is in progress, called The Arena. It is my first Wad, and somewhat of a learning experience, so don't go to rough on me :P. The screens seen here are done in Skulltag, and indeed, some of the maps have ST weapons in them. I am currently deciding whether to trade off making it skulltag only for the extra features ST provides. It is a small collection of multiplayer maps. Here are some screens: Map 01: I know this is basicly a big box with some trees in it, but I wanted something simple and fun for Map01 of the wad, so I decided to do this. The rest of the Wad is made up of more complicated maps, however.
  18. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    I searched both, but couldn't find any. Doom mapping tuts are kind of hard to find over ten years later.
  19. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    I am not trying to be arrogant or anything, but why? It's nice to be constructive.
  20. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Map 01 is quite fun actualy, I played it with bots. The Forest in the middle is a "Danger Zone" Where you can very easily be killed just by bunched fire (especialy rockets) but has a reawrd in the middle (The Chainsaw". As for MAP04, I'm working on it: There's supposed to be Dark Souls in there as well, but they don't show up, even though I have the Multiplayer flag checked.
  21. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Here's a few pictures of MAP04, which is set in a somehwhat abandonded lab. Note that the notches seen in the first shot are meant to hold monsters, but they are not showing up, even though I have the multiplayer flag checked for all of them.
  22. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Thanks for the heads up, can anyone think of a good name? Whenever I think of a good name for anything, I find it's been taken. How's Rex sound? :P As for the textures and lighting, yea, I am already aware of those problems, and trying to correct them. I also started work on a third map, which takes place in a secret lab. I even have some monsters that are being kept in captivity in there for good measure, but they can't attack the player.
  23. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Please keep in mind that this is my first WAD, and a learning experience. I am not trying to do anything big or astounding, I am just try to get a grip on this. With that being said, opinions are welcome. :)
  24. Skeetz

    WIP WAD-The Arena

    Map 03 (Map 02 is kinda in Development hell): Basicly a small military base, with a loose figure-8 layout. Yes, I know the light is a bit varying in some places, as is the texturing as well, but this is an early WIP. I am probably going to go with a darker texture set. However, I would like to use the lighter textures seen here for a test-lab like map.