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  1. I lol'd. But seriously, thanks for all the feedback. I was actually thinking of making a follow-up video, to cover some of the features of the more popular source ports. Since those are more easily accessible, I might be able to include... **Pause for dramatic effect** Actual gameplay footage for each of the individual source ports! Really, I'm in the market to make any videos directly related to Doom at the moment. EDIT: I just noticed this thread got moved to the source ports section. Sorry I had it in the wrong place; I didn't know if console version discussion and source port discussion were two separate entities of discussion, so I winged it and originally posted it in the general discussion. Thanks for moving it.
  2. Cloud109

    Random thoughts on Doom 64.

    You know, that last line in my piece was a joke. You knew that, right?
  3. Cloud109

    Random thoughts on Doom 64.

    I find Doom 64 to be entertaining. It wasn't the first console Doom to try the ambient thing; The PSX version of Doom had that going for itself back in 1995, complete with an ambient soundtrack and added sector-based lighting. Still, it took Doom 64 to really perfect it, and I appreciate it because of that. To everybody saying it "isn't Doom", I honestly have no idea what you're talking about; You have your standard weapon layout (plus one "Unmaker"), your standard selection of enemies, running and gunning cleverly mixed with switch-pulling and puzzle-solving, and nice uses of the techno-base and Hellish themes. To those saying it plays more like Quake than it does Doom, I can only think to say that to me, the original Quake played like a faster, more complex Doom to me in the first place; iD's games build upon previous models, with the progression of Wolfenstein 3D to Doom, and Doom to Quake. You know what? Fuck this shit; Let's all just delete our Doom folders and play Duke Nukem 3D. That's obviously more of a man's game.
  4. At The Gates of Doom: A Brief History of Doom Ports So, I just made this quick video to educate the masses on Youtube. I figured you guys might be interested as well, especially the few of you on here who haven't played any of the console Dooms / are only familiar with the PC version. That, and I saw it as a chance to demonstrate some of the awesome [and not so awesome] music from the different versions of Doom. More from the Youtube description: "This video takes a brief look at the history of the numerous console ports of the original Doom for the PC. Unfortunately, due to my inability to capture actual in-game footage for many of the titles (Primarily because I lack several of the consoles, or the respective games for some of the consoles I do have), I could only include screenshots of the in-game footage. Each screen capture also comes complete with additional trivia regarding the console port is corresponds too. In addition, the video features all of the individual box art for the games, and each rendition of the first level's music."
  5. Cloud109

    best joke wads

    Deathz0r Online: The Internet Made Stupid That joke wad is brilliant, no matter which way you slice it. Level design is actually interesting, the gameplay is involving, it has a nice lot of levels to play around in, the story is amusing... It just has so many things going for it.
  6. Cloud109

    Well shit. Guys, the internet is nearly full

    I've said it once and I'll say it again: The internet is NOT a series of tubes! It is a DUMP TRUCK! When you attempt to access a website, the dump truck unloads all of it's contents into your computer monitor. The larger the site, the more time it takes the truck to dump it's entire load. This is basic stuff, guys.
  7. Cloud109

    Quake2 scene in patent

    Why are all you people arguing over which Quake is better, when Super 3D Noah's Ark for the SNES is obviously superior to any other first-person shooter ever made? But seriously, getting back on the topic at hand: That seemed like a pretty good concept... For the time it was submitted in 1999, at least. The Nintendo Wii renders this thing obsolete as of now, but the concept of a motion-sensing home console controller was pretty innovative. It would be more convenient than standard "light gun" controllers, which has some obvious disadvantages when compared to a full-motion controller.
  8. Cloud109

    New Megawad in progress - Whispers of Satan

    Looks promising. I'll give it a download when it pops up in the /newstuff section.
  9. Cloud109

    My First Map. Please Look.

    There is a substantial lack of detail or eye candy, and the level design itself consists of a bunch of connected narrow hallways. At first I found the enemies coming from behind the walls interesting, but I eventually got tired of it the seventh time it happened. Every room is too cramped and too narrow, and there is minimal difficulty or challenge due to the simple design (even when playing on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare). Essentially, if the enemies pop up in front of you, all you need to do is hold down the trigger while running towards them. If there are multiple monsters, just let them look at you for one second and let them in-fight each other to death. All in all, a two out of ten. Try harder next time, please.
  10. Cloud109

    What source port do you most commonly use?

    Back in the beginning, when I got into the whole source port scene, I found myself using ZDoom as it appeared to be the most commonly used port. Eventually, I "upgraded" to GZDoom, when I fell in love with the OpenGL rendering option. But over time, I grew tired of the OpenGL, as I would always be changing my OpenGL settings from computer to computer, until I eventually realized everything looked better under the software rendering anyway. It was when I got into the multiplayer scene that I discovered Skulltag, which is now my source port of choice. It's easily the most convenient to use [for me, at least], and has a nice bunch of options for customization.