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  1. [MOD EDIT: Post DOOM II: Hell on Earth demos (vanilla or -complevel 2 recommended) here unless they are vanilla demos for Compet~n.] These days (well... for some months, actually), I try to record a lv29-max under 4:00 (it's my favorite map, in case you haven't noticed :). For some weeks I'm stuck at 4:09. This is my best try (not the fastest, though). Maybe someone has an idea on something to improve... On my latests attempts, I managed to bring over 200 cells for the two last barons, which allows me to kill them with plasma only and still keeping enough for the ending. I also no longer take the green armor at the beginning, that saves a second or two. But since then (two weeks ago), I haven't finished this map.
  2. [MOD EDIT: Post demos on the Ultimate Doom iwad here (-complevel 3 recommended) unless they are for Compet~n.] ----------- Nothing really special... I've done another nightmare! run of Doom - first episode, this time in 9:51. I know, this has been done several times, but it doesn't matter.
  3. Squonk


    I never play music when I'm recording. I play with game sounds, and I put the Doom music very low. Hearing the hell baron shooting behind you is definitely important.
  4. Actually I was getting back to this this afternoon, was working at map21 which is a b*tch. I'm not a tyson player at all, and 80% of this wad involves heavy *hum* fisting *hum* skills. Will finish 21 and do a couple more maps I guess. But most of the shorties maps are already done, and I really hate slaughtermaps. Also, I recorded an archie killing itself with the blast damage (first time for me), will include it when I finish map21
  5. I don't think it works that way. If you set up an event, people will play your map as long as it's not desperatly shitty. Recently I've been enjoying recording for pc_cp demopack; although the maps are definitely not top-quality (in terms of fun), the fact that "many" people are gathered around this makes up for it. Overall, I think all you need for such events is a good and motivated leader.
  6. There are so much undone maps, why beating the ones I've done? :( Glad to see you here anyway!
  7. Continuing with uv speed demos : Map01 in 1:15 Map02 in 0:37 Actually quite tough maps in uv speed, very crowded and narrow at the same time, plus not many health to make up for it. Map01 should be easily improvable, while map02 will be much harder, since I had a very good monster cooperation. pc01-02.zip
  8. I've done an uv speed of map05 as well. This one went surprisingly well, since I was not blocked by monsters, and all the revenants were not blocking the exit this time :p Not a hard map, but sometimes everything goes really wrong pc05-021.zip
  9. Still map05, but 1:56 this time. Will stick to that for this one and move on ;) pc05-156.zip
  10. Map05 in 2:01. No need to update the table, I'll improve it. I MUST get under 2:00, at least... And I've maybe 10 demos sub-1:55 with 98% kills. Just posting it because I'm going to sleep right now :p Also, attached two failed demos : an unfortunate linedef jump, and a shotgunner *very* accurate. pc05-201.zip
  11. I know, but before trying hard(er) to get a good demo, I'd rather be sure that the problem is not in how I record. Let's wait for the demo experts then ;)
  12. Why does the description is actually longer than the demo itself? Loved the end fight of map06, btw. Launching those barrels to the cacos was awesome :) (and so was the rest of the demo)
  13. I gave a quick try at map05 in 2:18. Will definitery improve it (it's the first successful exit that follows a 5 minutes route planning, and it's *very* ugly). I have a compatibility question to ask... Here is my command line for this demo : glboom -complevel 9 -iwad doom2.Wad -file PC_CP.wad pccpmus.wad -warp 05 -record blah -skill 4Recording with prboom 2.4.7 (I know, I'm a lazy bum who did not update for three years, and I should probably record with prboom-plus anyway) So I can play back the demo correctly on prboom, but it desynch on the latest version of prboom-plus. Can someone explain me where is my mistake? pc05-218.zip
  14. In case you didn't see it, check out this link. Maybe it will help you to choose a map.
  15. You should keep all the work summed up in the first post. Here, copy this : Map01 - J4rio - 2:20 - post Map02 Map03 Map04 Map05 Map06 Map07 Map08 Map09 Map10 Map11 Map12 Map13 Map14 Map15 - Revved - 6:58 - post Map16 Map17 Map18 Map19 Map20 Map21 Map22 - Revved - 7:44 - post Map23 Map24 Map25 Map26 Map27 Map28 Map29 - Revved - 17:02 - post Map30 - Revved - 5:14 - post Map31 Map32 Map33 Map34 Map35 Map36 Map37 Map38 Map39 Map40 It will help a lot to pick the remaining maps later.
  16. Squonk

    A demopack of some sort?

    Will definitely record at least one demo (and probably more if needed, let's say up to four demos), provided the wad runs on prboom. I don't care which wad.
  17. Squonk

    A demopack of some sort?

    Willing to participate. I have no suggestions to come up with, since I usually play wads that have been overplayed, but when you all agree on a wad, I'd be happy to produce a couple demos. Please don't go for a BFG fest wad, still. There's nothing like non-over-sophisticated maps where you fight mostly with chaingun, regular shootgun, some rockets, and you don't encounter heavy monsters at each corner. That's my two cents.
  18. Fair enough. But I don't really enjoy this map, so... Maybe if I find myself bored one day... Time will tell. Or maybe if someone brings this one up on CFD-N. Competition makes things to happen (hr2 map 17 for example!)
  19. Squonk

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    As promised in another thread, here is some 4 players coop max on uDoom : *e1m1 in 0:15 *e1m2 in 0:53 *e1m3 in 1:14 And finally... *the whole episode 1 in 9:11 Made by Dark, Guiddqd, JC (JCD) and me. About the movie, it was f***ing awesome to record. Sadly (it is covered in the txt anyway) it was our first exit and it is a bit crappy. But the routes are ok... It just lacks better execution. Also, we made it two years ago and never had a chance to sit down and record again all together. Anyway, enjoy ;)
  20. Thanks for the kind words, but why map22 of all HR2 maps?
  21. Whops, sorry, last time I came misc demos was for everything non-C-N I believe. Will pay attention next time! Anyway, thanks for the explanations about the "pain chance", to me it was just "something that happens" ;)
  22. It's been a long time since the last time I came here, hope everyone's fine! Recently got back to Doom demos, and got hr2 map17 in 8:50. Ok, everyone is probably already fed up with HR2 for ages, but I had to start with something... Beating previous "record" by a solid minute. Also, I have some 4 players coop max demos on uDoom from 2010 that we never posted, will do in the next days. Not optimized at all but it's not common at all :)
  23. I have not done anything but copy/pasting the following text, you will understand why below. ------------------------ WIP link : http://www.wadsinprogress.info/?a=listwads&wad=1447 Genre : Urban Deathmatch Compatibility : Vanilla Doom work. Compliant with Doom, Doom2 and Ultimate Doom. Design : Textures modeling and mapping of the typical Hausmann building style from Paris city with their rooftops. Includes the place Charles de Gaulle with the Arc De Triomphe monument. Actual mapped architecture is something like 80% of final release, the huge part of job is texture modeling and wall mapping to balance with crappy "2 sectors made" buildings. Gameplay : Gameplay would be a reboot of the famous "Shoot" map with players appearing on the map central round close to Arc De Triomphe and picking up weapons and happily fraggin' in a pimped urban environment. Players would be able to go under monument arch. Copyrights : No property law nor licence attached to graphics, all files can be reuse at anytime for existing works or projects by simply quoting its source. Textures can be easily reuse as a basis for any European main stem city (i.e. Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Cracow...). _____ Your comments are warmly welcome on WIP or boards to define/adapt development ways in order to set a realistic enough environment. Actually working on main monument sculptured textures and decoration like trees, lights... Best regards from Paris, France. Your beloved banned : Iceman57.
  24. So surprising and unexpected... I was not thinking some crazy guys were still trying to do that. Actually, it is a better idea than bringing revenant fireballs into the hole :)
  25. Squonk

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    An answer to Guiddqd's 8:00 on UDoom ep1 nm... 7:11 for me. But this was the last time I play this episode speedy. Else, I enjoyed your demos, Anima! When I get some time, I'll try to record some max on this wad. It looks very fun to play. Maybe a movie for the whole wad... I'll see.