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  1. Ganryu

    Monsters with charge attacks

    Oh! Thanks. For some reason I had it in my mind that class actions were all atomic objects that you could not replicate through common decorate features... :D
  2. How do I go about to add a charge attack to a decorate monster? The minotaur charge action from Hexen/Heretic seems restricted to derived classes.
  3. Is that doable? One of my scripts needs to know whenever the player is in a specific area of the map. It would be easy in Doom, but with Hexen I have the problem that the chaos thing allows the player to teleport back to the start of the level without crossing a linedef. If that had not been possible I could have simply used line defs to check where the player is... My script essentially summons monsters in a particular area as long as the player is nearby. Zdoom, Hexen. I'm using GZDoom Builder.
  4. Is it possible to "flip" the selection or similar things in gzdoom builder. I'm working on a rather large area with very complex architecture, and without the ability to flip selection manually I fear it will take too long to complete...
  5. Lesson learned :D The fact that I had to re-create some things turned out to be actually beneficial to the level design too. I ended up rethinking some decisions.
  6. I have no idea how this is possible. I save regularily, but there seems to be some kind of interference if you save a map while having the wad open in slade. Essentially, gzdoom builder does behaves like normal. Saving seems to work (no complaints from gzdoom builder). Changes to the map appear when testing the map in the game. But if you restart gzdoom builder, the map is reset to some earlier point. Is it possible to save my work?
  7. For doors and moving sectors you can assign them a sound sequence. Hexen has the first 10 sound sequences hard coded and information about that is HIDDEN somewhere on the zdoom wiki, but not in any of the obvious places (predefined sounds, sndseq etc) I've previously managed to find this information before, but I can't for the life of me manage to find it again. Any ideas?
  8. What kind of a background do you have? Would it be possible for you to write this down more formally? Ie: Write it in LaTeX and compile to a pdf.
  9. I will have to read this one over again while making notes. I did, however, find something odd. It looks like A1, A3, A5 and A7 are not convex despite your text pointing out the subworlds are convex.
  10. Ganryu

    Becoming a better composer.

    I'm working on an original megawad thing for Hexen. The soundtrack will use a combination of some royalty free tracks found online and a few original compositions. (i'm also NOT reusing any puzzle artifacts! I create my own puzzle items) Here you can listen to one of the tracks. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far. I'm trying to compose in the style of Kevin Schilder. The original Heretic / Hexen composer. This is the song for the final hub level: Spellforge. http://www.update.uu.se/~kgs/Hexy%201%20-%20v2.ogg
  11. Ganryu

    Hexen editing questions

    Thanks again people! Is there anything in particular I should worry about when converting to UDMF? I saw, in passing, someone mentioning that some linedefs might break.
  12. Ganryu

    Hexen editing questions

    Another question has popped up! I decided that it'd allow for some more interesting architecture if I started using some 3d floors sparingly. This made me migrate to gzdoom builder. That made me think that perhaps I should 1: Switch over to UDMF format 2: Switch from storing everything in a wad file to using a folder structure Are there instructions here on how to go about doing the above?