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  1. hypr

    What is the Doom pistol?

    it is just a regular standard sidearm
  2. hypr

    Which midis do you like or dislike and why

    hmm id say we could use different mids they dont have to be "doomish" anything that catches anyones ear
  3. it was part of eternity serenity and infinity
  4. its going to be a nice level when completed
  5. hypr

    More dehacked fun!!

    there is a way to set the initial health at 200 % in dehacked you just go to player settings
  6. try the doom version of alcatraz its a nice level
  7. hypr

    how to make new grapics/textures

    i totally recommend something like photoshop or paint shop pro since you can do weird effects to gfx like warping , stretching , error diffusion welll the list goes on just experament with a good gfx editing program and when your happy with the results apply them to the wad.
  8. hypr

    Feeble attempt number #4,092,854

    what will your focal point of this megawad / tc will be ?
  9. hypr

    Deep Water

    i did a deep lava thing once but it was only by acident
  10. hypr

    The mappers block. How to tackle.

    if you suffer from mappers block i recommend that you play abunch of levels that have what your looking for in your map then do the map the way you like it
  11. hypr

    The Keen replacement

    if i was doing a keen replacement i would do a candlabra thats lit and when you hit it enough times it starts a fire on the groun then goes out i seen a wad with a fire sprite i think it was one of laura beyers 1st wads as for the boss brain i would put bill gates or osama bin laden or a computer
  12. hypr

    Those damned freeloaders :(

    but then theres wad compilations those are good if you played alot of good wads you like and add them a megawad that replaces all episodes / maps
  13. hypr

    Icon of Sin monsters

    it be cool if we could make sin spawn every enemie in the game even the ss guys imp, demon , spector, archenitron , pain elemental cadcodemon , baron , hell knight , revanant , mancubus , arch-vile
  14. they are pretty popular games tho since they use the same wad format you can easily rename the entries to what you want named its just like how some nostaligic tcs use starwars stuff cause the stuff fairly common as for textures the only thing these texture people who steal textures from other people are stealing are lacking is a good painting program not like microsoft paint something more powerful something that does weird effects like paint shop pro
  15. hypr

    weird idea for a music wad

    hmm i dloaded some sheet music from ffmusic online and im using some compusing software i just dunno how to get the tempo right and how to make sharps and stuff