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Everything posted by gun_psycho

  1. gun_psycho

    What are some amazing wads set in hell?

    Maps 1 through 11 of Resurgence is composed of Hell. Map11 is a lite version of Speed of Doom's Map28, though.
  2. And I do have a problem with Map02's third secret. How do you get those bars out of the way? Edit: Come to think of it, any of those difficult-to-access secrets?
  3. @Demonologist - I remembered playing all the way through Twilight Massacre, along with the rest of the entirety of Speed of Doom, and Map28 is especially lag-heavy in the center area. I doubt that the lite version has that specific problem. (That brought my PC's framerate to the low double digits at the least.)
  4. Map30 reminds me a lot of the Scythe Series' Map30 levels. (No Icon of Sin, which I didn't really mind.)
  5. gun_psycho

    Community chest 5 start off?

    Because it's overrated? I second Tuxlar's statement.
  6. gun_psycho

    Bloodstain - I finally made it a website! :-D

    Looks awesome, I'll look forward to seeing how those'll play out.
  7. gun_psycho

    Looking forward to playing kama sutra 2

    I definitely wouldn't mind testing it out. I remember the original quite fondly.
  8. gun_psycho

    A very large map I made!

    Having taken a look at the map, hoo boy that looks like it would take hours to 100% everything.
  9. gun_psycho

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    One question, though: Will there be a chance of secret levels?
  10. gun_psycho

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    Ooh, I won't mind a little bit of playtesting.
  11. gun_psycho

    The World's Longest Doom Level

    Citadel at the Edge of Eternity in the original Community Chest comes to mind. Big time.
  12. gun_psycho

    Going Down

    I really do hope I get to see a womb level or two somewhere in Episode 3. (In the vein of Heroes' Tales Map29, at least)
  13. gun_psycho

    Going Down

    Having had a look at the maps, they remind me of the Scythe series' maps but I'll be damned if they're not brilliant. Definitely looking forward to what Episode 3'll be like.
  14. gun_psycho

    Smash Arena Of Doom.

    One problem: The heavy monsters (especially the archviles) come in way too early. Therefore, I can't quite survive beyond thirty seconds.
  15. Having taken a look at the maps, I'm definitely liking the jungle theme. Looking forward to the rest of the maps.
  16. gun_psycho

    Favorite wad themes

    Hellish womb level (Where you're inside a gigantic living organism or something similar, see Map29 of Heroes' Tales.), Space stations (Map20 and Map21 of CC4 being a shining example), city levels (plenty of places to explore), and the more out-there secret levels. (with some exceptions) Other than that, my actual experiences with each level varies.
  17. gun_psycho

    Extremely large detailed maps

    Off the top of my head, CC1's Map29, and that map is a nightmare to get through, so to speak. (If any of you watched AltimaMantoid's 20th Anniversary of Doom stream, you know what he's talking about. Along with Sunder's Map05)
  18. The only thing I have questions about is the treasure items. What are they necessary for, besides for 100% items?
  19. gun_psycho

    About the bosses

    @Touchdown - The projectiles can also lag the game, particularly in the case of the two forms against the final boss, Mediel. His second form's especially awful, but the Crimson Star attack's easily avoided by camping in the corners of the room, unless a rocket happens to head your way.
  20. gun_psycho

    About the bosses

    I agree with Antroid; DTS-T's final boss' rockets and plasma bolts I might not have had much of a problem avoiding, but man was his SSG attack bullshit. To be honest, I would gladly have him attack his own minions to save my bullets for the boss himself.
  21. Speaking of overdetailing, I personally don't care so much as long as the maps still play well...that is, until the size and detailing cause my computer's framerate to drop.
  22. gun_psycho

    What is the longest one-level WAD?

    How is Memorial not mentioned earlier? It's the entirety of Doom II in one map, albeit with added transition areas.
  23. gun_psycho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NUTS.wad (aw nuts!)

    Meh, this still would've made my PC (AMD A6-3650 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 2.60 GHz, and 8GB RAM) slow to a crawl anyway.
  24. gun_psycho

    What are you playing now?

    I finished my playthrough of Heroes Tales, and it was quite a ride from beginning to the end. First off, it was fairly easy, but when I got to the hell levels, Map28 was quite a doozy. From there on, it was a simple matter of getting through the last two maps as per usual. Map29 was quite interesting, and a welcome respite after the brutal map28, inside an eldritch abomination and then going to blow it up. Map30 was a bit of a run-through to an intro area, with the cyberdemon guardian before the usual boss spawner, who took the form of Cthulhu. All in all, the megawad was a pretty mixed bag, but it didn't really have too many really annoying levels. Oh, and a little while earlier, I beat Lunatic in one sitting...but man was Map05 a slugfest. The waves of monsters teleporting in as the countdown progressed, and more of the arena opening up, was a neat touch.
  25. gun_psycho

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    The loading thing didn't get to me that badly...but when I got to the final boss, I was expecting a long fight...too bad the floor issue in GZDoom ended it (and the fight with the two flunkies before him, which I recognize from Beyond Reality.) under a few seconds. And given the boss ended that quickly, I didn't even get a chance of properly using that super-powerful weapon the blue skull key allowed access to. I did use the auto-shotgun from the secret right before the final boss. One last thing, New Game Plus sounds like a lot of fun (Except with the parts where Vores show up, and people think revenants are bad...); at least it actually let me start with all the weapons I gained on the first playthrough at the cost of making the enemies tougher.