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  1. Doomguy0505

    Bloodmasters Editing Kit

    Here is a bunch of stuff that you can use to make bloodmasters maps in doom builder. BMEK Dead Simple Example
  2. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    If you get new object errors, make sure you did "Upgrade Configuration" in the BuilderX menu. I couldn't edit the original post as it was too old. So here's a reupload: DBX 1.06 BIN Though you really should use DB2
  3. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    This is based on Doom Builder 1.68 r386 Current version is 1.06 (28/01/08) New features in this You can switch to a wad editor and Doom Builder reopens the map after editing (in the same zoom and spot as before) You can define constant values for line specials (config using the feature is included) Added guis for most features Ability to upgrade configuration Game configuration specific test parameters Comes with a help file "forcewad" option for an additional addwad for a game configuration (useful in skulltag where you would want skulltag.wad to be loaded) Environ variables added for test path so that you can use "%DOOMPATH%\\zdoom.exe" instead of "[path-to-zdoom]\\zdoom.exe" in test prefabs New //$SPRITE for Decorate things Acc options are external, so you can change the acc path and parameters (you need to modify builder.cfg directly to change these, however) DownloadsDownload Directory 1.05 to 1.06 patch Developer Info ACC modifications are in the "Compile" button of frmScript DECORATE sprite modifications are in ApplyDecorateThings and most of the functions that begin with GetThing. Stuff you'll find at the end of the file builderx, builderx->acc, builderx->acc->path and builderx->acc->command and made automatically if not found, environ needs to be added if you want to use environment variablesbuilderx { environ { DOOMPATH = "G:\\MyDocs\\Doom"; } acc { path = "%path%\\acc.exe"; command = "%scriptshort% %objshort%"; } }
  4. Doomguy0505

    On Vista

    Download this, extract all and then run fixdb.bat After that try the 3DMode.bat again
  5. Doomguy0505

    On Vista

    Is this error in Doom Builder or the file I uploaded? Maybe you should run this file and see if any required files are missing If the error is in the 3Dmode.bat then right click on the file, choose Edit, this should open up notepad. Edit -> Select All and then Edit -> Delete, and then paste this into there@echo off echo Doom Builder 3D Mode for Vista echo. if not exist "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dx8vb.dll" copy dx8vb.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dx8vb.dll regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\dx8vb.dll echo Press any key to close the window pause > nul File -> Save, close notepad and then run the file again
  6. Doomguy0505

    On Vista

    Make sure you extracted all the files first and that you are an administrator, then run 3dmode.bat. But download this one because I made a few typos I didn't realise (I was supposed to put regsvr32 but put regsrv32) Download fix
  7. Doomguy0505

    On Vista

    Download the zip file in the next post, extract it somewhere and run the file called 3DMode that you extracted
  8. Doomguy0505

    [db1&dbx]windows update remove a component

    Download this and extract it to C:\Windows\System32
  9. Doomguy0505

    On Vista

    Try using regsrv32 with the DLLs, I had to do this before 3D mode worked EDIT: type this in the command promptregsrv32 C:\Windows\System32\dx8vb.dll
  10. Doomguy0505

    Can no longer open a particular WAD

    Is Vista UAC enabled? That causes heaps of problems for old software
  11. Doomguy0505

    Can no longer open a particular WAD

    Opening the same wad with 2 Doom Builders would probably be your problem. VB6 isn't friendly with non-English, so I wouldn't be surprised if the 64-bit OS is causing the problem
  12. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    You forgot to escape the backslashes, try this instead forcewad = "D:\\program files\\Risen3Dv2\\Data\\Risen3D.wad";
  13. Doomguy0505

    Doom Builder2 suggestion

    The latest DBX allows use of external editor
  14. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    Add a line like this to a game configuration file forcewad = "$PATH$";
  15. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX problems

    Number 2 doesn't need to compile, decorate is text Try using 3D mode with normal Doom Builder to make sure it's only DBX
  16. Doomguy0505

    Vista and 3D mode

    Nevermind, I register dx8vb.dll with regserv32
  17. Doomguy0505

    Vista and 3D mode

    Does anyone know how to get 3D mode working on Vista?
  18. Doomguy0505

    Doom Builder Macro Conversion?

    Use zwadconv to convert map formats
  19. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    Never mind, I didn't read his post properly
  20. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    If you want me to, I'll forward the bug messages to you
  21. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX Issues

    What do you mean by missing tags?
  22. Doomguy0505

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    Doom BuilderX shouldn't have these problems since I removed the mouse checks that caused the crashes
  23. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    Ok, PM the link Does anybody want an update manager for Doom Builder like the one in DecEdit?
  24. Doomguy0505

    Doom BuilderX

    Yes, that would be great
  25. Doomguy0505

    Suggestion For Doom Builder Update.

    You can't have a wad manager because of the design. Only the map part of the wad is opened for writing, the rest is read only. The only way to add a manager without changing the entire design would need to close the map and open it for managing. It's here http://www.doombuilder.com/files/builder_source.zip, though Doom BuilderX might be a better starting point.