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  1. Blah.. we're moving in 3 weeks or so and I'll be happy to finally have a bathroom and kitchen.. my major problem is that I'm very lonely...

    I wanted a dog really.. but there's no apartment in the entire city that allows them. So I try for a cat.. cat's are allowed everywhere it seems... one major downfall: LS hates cats...

    blah... I thought a bunny might work, but they dont cuddle like friendly kitties do...

    I Have half a mind to go out, get a kitten and when LS finally comes home, he'll have to accept it..

    Not very fair... but hey.. he's not the one sitting in a tiny room alone for most the day.

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    2. Use


      You know dsm, they make this thing called a litter box, and it's your job to train the cat to use it.

    3. Silverwyvern


      Use3D said:

      Get a kitty and make Lost Soul deal with it. You're the woman after all, he ain't got shit without you. That always works on straights....

      Hmmm... we and Lost Soul have this thing called fairness and equality going on ;)

      But I will discuss it with him some more.

      Maybe we can find the perfect pet for us..

    4. Danarchy


      Hopefully not a sugar glider. Man...that's still one of the most bizarre things I've heard of.