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  1. Okee. I've gone to colege, my art doesn't suck, I have a pro website now... Now what the hell... I'm totally lost here. I was working at an anmation company, but it didnt work out.. (I dont think I wanted to be an animator anyway)

    I think illustrating would be nice. I'e illustrated a couple books, but I really want to use my style fully. (Not that children designs arent fun)

    Do I need an agent? Does anyone know any? I'm banging my head against a brick wall here.

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    2. AirRaid


      Silverwyvern said:

      Just wanna feel needed.

      I need to you to keep posting, because your avatar rules. :)

      I wish I could help you out... My brother is a budding artist, trying to break into Album Cover Illustrations and the like... he's have a hard time too.

    3. Danarchy


      Numbermind said:

      For fuck's sake, just get a job as a waitress. If you pick a good restaurant and know how to act like a flirty bimbo, there's nothing stopping you from making over $500 a WEEK.

      I owe you a stabbing for that.

      Anyway, if I was the art director of Wizard of the Coast, I'd hire artists like Silverwyvern and my friend Bree (and probably try to get DiTerlizzi to do more stuff :P), and fire all the shit artists they hire now. Like that guy who seems to do half teir artwork now, Wayne Reynolds or something. Good lrd, that guy couldn't make a believable expression if he tried. And he cannot drawfeet. They are always horribly blocky and twisted in the wrong direction. His crap art annoys me to no end. Of course, I could be talking out of my ass since I'm not an artist or art critic or anything, but you know.

      Oh well, Silver, just keep looking. At least you HAVE an area of expertice unlike me and many other people.

    4. insertwackynamehere


      I met some people who are Magic Card artists once. That would be a pretty cool job! Then I could tell all my friends I sort of knew the artist :D

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