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Status Updates posted by hardcore_gamer

  1. I love Doom but always felt Quake was fun as well, but disliked it's castle theme compared to the high tech theme of the doom series. So I decided to merge the 2 by using that Doom 3 texture pack somebody made. It's a single level Quake wad I am working on that has the Doom 3 theme.



    2 more pics inside spoiler.








  2. Just came from the doctor. Things are worse than expected. Strained my neck and suffered a concussion. Will lose days of work because of this and won't be able to do much during the weekend :( Also threw up this morning and felt crappy in general. Curse slippery ice all the way to hell and back.

  3. Slipped on the ice today on the way to work and got what appears to be a concussion. Feel slightly dizzy and neck muscles are crap :/


    Not sure if if I can continue working on my Doom mods today like I intended to :(

  4. Just finished the first metal trim texture and updated the AO map for the metal wall texture. Kinda reminds me of Alien 4 for some reason lol. More textures to come!







  5. Some screenshots of the first PBR texture I just made for a PBR texture pack I am working on for a secret project of mine. The first screenshot is the PBR version. The second has baked lightning (There will be PBR and non-PBR versions of the textures), and the third is a in-game screenshot showing the PBR version. The images are large so I am putting them into spoiler tags:









  6. Decided to start work on a sci-fi room thingy in Modo for fun since I was bored. Nothing major, just a small doodle thingy. It's not finished but it's shaping up nicely. I put the screenshots into spoiler tags since they are large:







  7. 3D keycard for my 3D Doom mod. 5 other variants of different colors will be made as well. Demon keys will be made later.



    1. dew


      Looks like an oversized USB stick, I much prefer the iconic L-shaped cards.

    2. hardcore_gamer


      "Looks like an oversized USB stick"


      Well that was sort of the idea.

  8. Update on the gun I am making. This time with textures. Will try to put it into the game soon.



  9. Started work on a 3D gun for my as to be announced 3D Doom mod. Nowhere near finished but still shaping up nicely.




    EDIT: Updated screenshot



    1. DooM_RO


      I can show you a terrific tutorial for making 3D weapons. It is for 3DMax but if you have intermediate knowledge of Blender you can follow it along. It shows you the whole workflow of making a weapon: LP modeling, HP, smoothing groups, UV unwrapping, baking and texturing. It is paid but it's really worth it. 



    2. hardcore_gamer


      I already have that tutorial actually. As well as a bunch of other ones. I only recently started modeling weapons so my skill in that regard is still beginner level.

  10. Working on a medkit model for a 3D mod I am making. Though to be honest it ended up looking more like a berserk pack :/



  11. I am working on a map blueprint maker for photoshop. The idea is that you are able to create accurate sketches of your maps for both Doom and even Quake before making them in the editor. So far about 10 icons are done, including things like doors, liquids, stairs, slopes etc. Dunno if there is any interest for this sort of thing, but for those of you who like sketching stuff out on paper before making them perhaps they would find something like this useful?



  12. Can't use lighting effects in photoshop since it's grayed out for some reason. I enabled GPU and yet it still doesn't work. Not sure what's causing this. Any photoshop pros here who have had this problem before and know how to fix it?

  13. Working on a Sci-fi wall texture in Modo



  14. I am trying to dip my toes a bit more into Quake modding, but am not sure where to start. Does Quake have some eqevelent to the zdoom wiki where you can learn how to code mods for the game? And which is the best and or the most flexible source port for modding?

    1. wallabra


      Quake modding isn't easy like ZDoom modding. You have to compile QuakeC code to make new things, monsters, etc. But hey, at least there's TrenchBroom to make mapping easier!


      Maybe you should consider Unreal? UnrealScript is a friendlier language, and UnrealEd was, since the beginning, known for its interface and ease to use.

  15. My second attempt at a zbrush bust. Slightly better than the last one but still lots of room for improvement. I originally wanted to make some type of alien thingy but ended up with something that sort of looks like a retarded arch-vile lol.



  16. Been practicing in Zbrush lately and felt bold enough to make an attempt at making a head. I'm a total noob at zbrush so as expected it wasn't very great lol. But still it wasn't AS terrible as I had feared it would be. At least it almost sort of looks like something, compared to the last horrible crap I made. I can only hope I will at some point get to a point where I can start making something that I will be happy with :/



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hardcore_gamer


      Not sure how you see a penis in there. Unless you are talking about the nose, which isn't even penis shaped.

    3. wallabra


      Come to Blender.

    4. hardcore_gamer


      How is Blender better for sculpting than Zbrush?

  17. Wtf was reading the wikipedia article about John Carmack and saw this bit:


    "when Carmack was 14, he broke into a school to help a group of children steal Apple II computers. To gain entry to the building, Carmack concocted a sticky substance of thermite mixed with Vaseline that melted through the windows. However, an overweight accomplice struggled to get through the hole, and opened the window, setting off a silent alarm and alerting police. Carmack was arrested, and sent for psychiatric evaluation (the report mentions 'no empathy for other human beings' and describes Carmack as 'a brain on legs'). Carmack was then sentenced to a year in a juvenile home."




    So, uhm...Carmack is basically a psychopath 0_o

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      I especially like the fat kid setting off the alarm due to being fat, almost sounds like something you'd see in a cartoon.

    2. Memfis


      A brain on legs... Well, that explain the final boss of Doom 1.

  18. Just saw the new star wars movie and drank like a million beers in the theater while watching it because I was expecting nothing of it. It was actually better than I expected.


    Spoilers: Snoke kills Luke Skywalker, Rey joins the dark side, and the movie ends with a teaser showing a new death star being built. Your welcome.

    1. hardcore_gamer


      Never mind I was just trolling. The real story is considerably more stupid -_-

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Also Han Solo dies.

    3. Ichor


      Snoke kills Dumbledore

  19. Been listening to all the doomsday talk about net neutrality. I wonder what happens to Doomworld if net neutrality dies. Doomworld is just a mere forum so perhaps it could still make it?

  20. How come I have never heard of this game:???



  21. I know I am probably an idiot for not noticing this sooner, but why do the nazis have M-16's???



  22. Been getting into Quake mapping recently but I fucking hate the default Quake textures. I like Quake 2's textures way more than the ones from Quake 1 and I think I once saw some custom map use them. Do you have any idea where I can get Quake 2 textures to use in Quake 1 for my custom maps?

  23. Working with the Quake level editor trenchbroom has been a joy. It makes me wonder why it is that modern engines such as Unreal 4 and Unity have such terrible level editing tools :/

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Well, those engines do have a lot more functionality, so that might be part of the reason.  Trenchbroom is targeting a relatively simpler set of engines.  Also, Unreal Engine seem to emphasize using "static meshes" prebuilt in 3d modeling tools for the world geometry.  Quake emphasizes good ol' BSP brushes for world geometry.


      I have no idea about Unity since I've never messed with it.

    2. hardcore_gamer


      Hey this looks pretty cool. https://nte.itch.io/hammuer

      It allows you to make your maps in Quake editors including trencbroom and then import it into Unreal 4.  I might actually check this out!

  24. Been replaying most of the old Id fps games recently. Here is my view of what I consider to be the top 10 best and worst Id software fps games ranked from best to worst:


    1. Doom 2


    Doom may be considered the greatest Id game by many but while the vanilla campaign of Doom may be better than Doom 2's, it's Doom 2's modding community that has kept the series alive all these years. Timeless gameplay and countless gameplay mods make this the greatest of all Id software fps games.


    2. Doom


    Before there was Doom 2, there was Doom. While the gameplay remains the same as in Doom, it has a stronger SP campaign. This game would be at the top of the list if it wasn't for Doom 2.


    3. Doom 2016


    If it wasn't for the original Doom/Doom 2 this would be the best Id software game. Awesome gameplay makes this not just the best fps of 2016 but one of the best fps games period. It is merely held back by it's average multiplayer and snapmap could have been better.


    4. Doom 3


    Yes, I think Doom 3 is better than all the other Id games (not counting Doom/Doom 2016). You mad? Doom 3 does not deserve the hate it gets. It's not as fast paced as the originals but it's still very much a Doom game. With amazing visuals and lightning that still hold up even today, Doom 3 has a special place in my heart. Even today after all these years since it's release I still don't think anybody has been able to create anything like Doom 3. The Dead Space series comes close at times, but even it doesn't compare.


    5. Doom 64


    In case you haven't noticed yet all the best Id software games on this list are Doom games. That is just to be expected since the Doom francise has always been the flagship franchise of Id software. Doom 64 took the timeless gameplay of the originals and merged it with scarier visuals and improved lightning, resulting in a game that that feels like a blend of the original Doom and Doom 3. The only reason it's above Doom 3 is because I feel the later half of the game was considerably weaker than the first half. It also lacked some of the enemies from Doom 2 which was a shame (though Brutal Doom 64 fixes this thankfully. By the way you should play it already if you haven't).


    6. Quake+expansions


    Quake was made during a strange time where full 3D games were just becoming a thing and yet the general design of fps games was still the same as in the 2.5D era of Doom clones. The result was basically 3D Doom with lovecraftian visuals. Quake was a fine game, but I don't think it's anywhere near as good as Doom. It's low poly 3D graphics and brownish art design looks fucking ugly compared to Doom's colorful visuals and entertaining graphics design. Even on a gameplay level it isn't as fun as Doom, thanks to some fairly annoying enemies (grenade spamming ogres, I am looking at you...). Still, Quake is a good game that is worthy of being played, even if for no other reason than to experience what early classic 3D fps games were like in case you haven't played it already.


    7. Quake 3


    I was never a huge fan of Quake 3 to be honest. I was an Unreal Tournament guy at the time and felt Quake 3 just wasn't that fun compared to it. Still, it's a decent MP arena shooter that has countless fans and I can see why; it's fast paced and gory, with satanic visuals to boot. What's not to love?


    8. Quake 2


    I know this will make some people rage but I just never thought Quake 2 was that good of a game. It's visuals have arguably aged even worse than Quake's, thanks to choppy and stale looking animations. The weapons feel and look like crap. Enemies aren't very fun to kill. And worst of all, it possibly takes the honor (or dishonor) of being the first "modern shooter". Quake 2 does not play like Quake or Doom. Instead of exploring a maze looking for keys, Quake 2 is a mostly linear game with mission objectives. In a way you could say that Quake 2 was the proto version of all the boring linear sci-fi/military fps games that would later become the norm. For all of these reasons I am putting Quake 2 pretty low on the list. The game did have some awesome music though. 


    9. Final Doom


    Well technically this wasn't really made by Id, but Id published it so I consider it an Id game. Final Doom was an expansion for Doom 2 which consisted of 2 level packs: Plutonia and TNT. Both contained 32 new levels but no new enemies or weapons. There was some new music and a few new textures though. Final Doom isn't terrible, it's just rather meh. Unlike the next entry...


    10. Doom 2: The master levels


    I don't know what Id was thinking allowing this crap to be released. The master levels are basically a bunch of levels made by fans put unto a CD and sold as an actual retail product. It's like Id looked at all of the shovelware wad CD's that were being made at the time and thought "hey, we can make one like that!". And thus the master levels for Doom 2 was born. The levels aren't even a part of the same campaign. You actually have to load them individually. How lazy is that? The quality of the levels are also not very good compared to the original game. There are a few decent ones but most are fairly crap. This is one of the only Id games that I Consider to be just plain bad.


    And there you have it. The top 10 best and worst Id Software fps games. What would YOUR list look like?









    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. [McD] James
    3. Manuel-K


      Considering that Quake 3 was the first Id game that I played (stupid German laws), I would seriously doubt that I'm blinded by nostalgia. :-)

    4. [McD] James

      [McD] James

      To me, Wolfenstein 3D holds up far better than Goldeneye does. I have a lot of nostalgia for Goldeneye, but it's aged atrociously. I only got around to playing through Wolfenstein 3D maybe 4 years ago, and it would easily be one of my top 10 favourite first person shooters. 

  25. Decided to download TrenchBroom and have another go at Quake mapping! I am having a most annoying problem with compiling the lightning however. When I use the lights compiled the I see the fallowing error inside the text file afterward and the map itself is fullbright:


    ---- light / TyrUtils v0.15 ----
    running with 4 threads
    ************ ERROR ************
    Error opening C:\Users\Sveinn\Desktop\TrenchBroom-Win32-v2.0.0-RC4-Release\compiled maps\prefabs: No such file or directory


    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have a solution to this? I don't want my Quake maps to be fullbright :/

    1. vita


      Try using a path without spaces.

    2. MrGlide


      did you make the directory? is the directory there? Hopefully your copy and pasting the actual directory address for trench boom to go to. Do you have lights in your map?

    3. hardcore_gamer


      "Try using a path without spaces."


      This fixed it! Thanks for that mate.