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File Reviews posted by hardcore_gamer

  1. I agree with BChricton78. Rather than being fun to play, this remake just highlights how massive of a difference good lightning and texturing makes to a level/game. I know this isn't the fault of the makers of this mod since they were merely remaking the original Doom 64 levels, but these levels frankly aren't very great when stripped of the improved Doom 64 graphics. So much in fact that it makes me wonder how important level layouts even are compared to other aspects of the visual presentation such as texturing, lightning and rendering.

  2. Zis is KAOSS!


    Had to cheat my way past first level since I could not figure out how to open the door. Enemy placement is chaotic with too many zombies. Level design often seems random and crude. Not terrible but not very great either. 2/5
  3. Putrefier


    Extremely good level design. Gameplay is fun as well. But there are still some flaws. That generator boss fight was horribly annoying. So 4 stars rather then 5 makes sense to me. ****