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  1. As I mentioned in this old blog: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/blogs/65628-i-have-the-worst-piece-of-shit-friend-in-the-universe/

    I use to have a very shitty friend.

    However, it now turns out that rather then merely being shitty they (I use the word "they" because, I will explain soon) are actually downright criminal.

    While I don't see this person anymore, I have another friend (who isn't a massive douche) who works with him at his job (dominos) and they are buddies because he like me has known him since he was young. Anyways, after I ceased to be friends with my ex-friend I started to pay more attention to the way he actually lives/behaves and the same thing applies to his other friends.

    In the last couple of weeks I have discovered 2 things that completely disgusted me, making me dislike these people even more then I did before and made me wonder why I ever even considered these people to be my friends in the first place. The original reason I dumped my ex-friend (whom I will just call ex-friend X) was because I was tired of him being an asshole (see earlier blog linked to above), but I had never suspected that he might also be a criminal or hang out with other criminals. No, we aren't talking dangerous criminals who harm people, or even serious criminals, but criminals still.

    My friend tol me that ex-friend X had recently scammed a company for a service without paying for it. It was a company that helps Icelanders access foreign entertainment services like Netflix through the internet. Ex-friend X told the company/people that their service did not work (even though it did) to fool them into thinking that their service was useless to him, and they believed him. As a result he walked away not having to pay for the service because he lied. He thought this was really funny...

    This however, doesn't compare to what his other buddy did (who is his friend, rahter then my own. Let's just call him person A)...

    This person A, like ex-friend X, is very fun and charming on the outside, but appears to be a lowlife once you get to actually know him. He never seems to hold a job, and gets fired quickly when he gets one. When he gets money most of it is wasted on bullshit.

    The criminal and disgusting action he performed was at the bar. He found another person's credit card on the floor, but rather then returning it he just took advantage of the sitation and went to the bar and used it to buy hundreds of dollars worth of booze. I know this because ex-friend X told me and found it funny...

    He also told me that (well, technically he did not outright say it, but rather he said a number of things which heavily implies it) something similar to this tends to happen whenever they find shit that other people have dropped to the floor, whether its money, credit cards etc. They just pick that shit up and use it to either buy more booze or food in case they want something to eat afterward.

    After he told me this, I said that I would NEVER do something like this because it was highly amoral. He then put on a disgusted frown face as if he was somehow offended by what I just said, and then responded by saying in a highly obnoxious and a sarcastic voice: "Yea, because you are SO good!"

    Well, I guess being a stealing lying asshole isn't enough for him. He also has to hate other people who aren't.

    I just...ugh.

    I already stopped letting this person/people into my home some time ago, but I ceased to be able to do that after my friend who is also his friend moved into my place since he sometimes has visits from them.

    Should I turn these people to the police? Or just ignore them like I typically just do and hope they screw them self's somehow? What to do? In any case these people are disgusting lowlifes that I wished I had never met :(

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    2. Dragonsbrethren


      Maes said:

      UP NEXT: Indecisive and insecure Icelandic teen (?) lets former friends again into his house, only to finally snap as soon as one of them drops an empty beer can on the floor and proceeds to killing them all viciously.

      Authorities discovered that he was an avid player of a violent game called "Call of Doom" for which he had also created content, including some maps which he probably used as training, in which he killed people wearing military uniforms, probably representing his former friends.

      "He's also the prime suspect in a dumpster coughing on fire incident several years ago."

    3. hardcore_gamer


      Maes said:

      UP NEXT: Indecisive and insecure Icelandic teen (?)

      That's offensive. I will be 23 in 3-4 months.

    4. Maes


      hardcore_gamer said:

      That's offensive. I will be 23 in 3-4 months.

      OK, how about "repressed young miser" then?