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  1. Decided to download TrenchBroom and have another go at Quake mapping! I am having a most annoying problem with compiling the lightning however. When I use the lights compiled the I see the fallowing error inside the text file afterward and the map itself is fullbright:


    ---- light / TyrUtils v0.15 ----
    running with 4 threads
    ************ ERROR ************
    Error opening C:\Users\Sveinn\Desktop\TrenchBroom-Win32-v2.0.0-RC4-Release\compiled maps\prefabs: No such file or directory


    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have a solution to this? I don't want my Quake maps to be fullbright :/

    1. 38_ViTa_38


      Try using a path without spaces.

    2. MrGlide


      did you make the directory? is the directory there? Hopefully your copy and pasting the actual directory address for trench boom to go to. Do you have lights in your map?

    3. hardcore_gamer


      "Try using a path without spaces."


      This fixed it! Thanks for that mate.