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  1. Well my and my friends decided to launch some fireworks (remains since new years eve) and had a lot fun doing so. But then we figured that using the last one for something else but just firing it into the air like we did with the rest would a good and a fun idea......turned out to be a mistake. There was a dumpster next to the town swimming pool and we decided to launch our last firework inside it! We did that and laughed hard. To bad we were to stupid to check to see if there was something else in the dumpster (most of the time its empty) and it turned out to be full of plastic and/or paper or something and some other stuff and it all went up in flames! We dragged and pushed the dumpster around not knowing what to do until we just decided to dump it into the river thats next to public swimming pool, and guess what, the dumpster landed in
    in some mud with not that much water so the fire was not put out....so we had to go down there our selfs and push some water into dumpster our selfs. Afterwards we dragged the dumpster out of the mud and put it back were it was, the dumpster did not look all that bad but it probably leeks since the fire had made hole the size of a small water melon at the bottom of the dumpster. And that was the end of the fun for us. :(

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    2. Danarchy


      Coopersville said:

      That has to be one of the most poorly written Wikipedia articles I've ever seen. Which says a lot.

    3. hardcore_gamer


      Dr. Zin said:

      No, your local government owns it, probably the city.

      I live in a small town with about a hundred or less people living in it and most people living in it know each other. So if anybody cared about what we did than i would know so by now. Yea the town must own the dumpster, but they don't seem to care (or at least they wont until they have filled the dumpster and the garbage truck treys to pick it up but the hole is probably to small for the big garbage that is thrown into the dumpster for it to leak anyway).

    4. Ralphis


      Man, AndrewB made me laugh out loud for like 30 seconds.

      I wasn't even laughing AT him this time