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  1. On 7/27/2019 at 7:35 AM, seed said:

    I don't understand the hate for Unity and even for requiring a Bethesda account to play...


    Can someone at least elaborate on why using Unity for the classic Doom games is such a horrible idea?


    No mod support basically. And to be honest it's just plain pointless. What would Doom 64 even benefit from using Unity? It's a sprite based game. Actually, it would not only not benefit it but outright harm but by completely destroying the original design of the game. The sector based lightning of Doom is a big part of the visual presentation and to use Unity's lightning system would completely change the mood of the game.

  2. On 7/26/2019 at 5:18 PM, blackgoblinmagic said:

    No but seriously...is that Betruger?


    The voice actor for Betruger is dead so that seems unlikely. It would also make no sense to bring him over except maybe as an easteregg.

  3. On 7/27/2019 at 3:11 AM, scalliano said:

    Hopefully this makes it onto the Switch as well.


    Seeing as they just went through the effort of getting Doom 1, Doom 2 and Doom 3 unto the switch it would be very odd to bother releasing Doom 64 but then not put it unto the switch.


    Though to be honest as much as I like Doom 64 I feel the PC ports and mods are such high quality that buying it on the PC seems rather pointless. I can sort of rationalize playing it on the console if the port is good however. But if it's just a lazy port that doesn't even have mid-game saving I don't think I will bother. Lack of mid-game saving is the single largest reason I almost never play the original console version.


    On 7/27/2019 at 5:56 AM, Nevander said:

    At first I liked the idea of an official Doom 64 re-release but now I kind of hope it doesn't come out again. If it does, what does that mean for projects like mine, Retribution, and GEC Master Edition?


    Yea that's actually a good point. When the BFG edition came out they removed the original Doom 3 from steam. This could be pretty bad news for Doom 64 mods. Though to be fair it's not like they were ever ok in the first place. People just took advantage of the fact that nobody cared. 


    EDIT: Actually, I think Doom 64 EX should be ok since it's not technically a mod but a port that doesn't include the original resources. Then again corporations are greedy so I dunno.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Eurisko said:

    Ha! Love this topic. 

    I think if anything did get out about the UAC I'd reckon it would be a similar situation to what happened in Resident Evil with the Umbrella Corperation. Stocks would fall etc......


    Seeing as it's implied the UAC is funding basically every single major power on earth it seems very unlikely this would happen. Why would most people on earth care that some space base on mars got destroyed? Even in terms of total number of deaths we are probably talking about a few dozen thousand people at most. There are probably 100x as many people who die of smoking every year. And it's not like most normal people who buy into the idea that hell exists.

  5. EDIT: The below assumes we are talking about Doom 3's cannon since the original Doom never really had a story.


    The UAC never told anybody what happened on Mars. Actually, how the UAC responded to the aftermath of Doom 3 is somewhat of a puzzle. It's sort of implied that the UAC knows about hell since McNeil doesn't seem shocked by the demons invading the facility in RoE and there is also that one audio log from some guy that says they UAC are "lying bastards" and that he can't believe it's "all happening again" (which is kinda odd since it implies he survived the events of the first game, even though it's stated in the intro of RoE that the marine was the only survivor).


    Tbh it's to be expected that the UAC would know the truth seeing as the Doom marine survived and still had all the PDAs and recordings that he collected throughout the game, and then there is also the fact that the aftermath of the demon invasion is plain for all to see minus the demons (though actually that's debatable since some demons were kept in vats and did not vaporize). This actually makes me wonder if the marine and the ones who rescued him at the end of the game were simply killed off to keep the truth hidden. In any case it's extremely unlikely that the UAC would tell everyone that they opened a portal to hell, and in fact it's debatable that they would believe the dimension was even actually hell despite all the evidence.

  6. 7 hours ago, Malidict said:

    I think one of the ones that first got me when I first played was in the tunnel in communications transfer just after u exit the airlock, in the room where you hear the loud bang every so often and the lights would dim red. Now I thought oh it’s just gonna be the whole monster behind the door trope so I ready my shotgun and as soon as it opens idk wtf it was but the head of something bursts through and I jump so hard that my glasses flew off my face and I nearly flung my controller across the room


    I knew that something was up because of the armor being located right in front of the door where there was a massive amounts of blood and bodies everywhere. In fact, the first time I played the game I just ignored the armor and did not even pick it up at all lol.

  7. 1 hour ago, Eduardo said:


    There is an unpacker available at Xentax (requires registration) and it works, I tried it to unpack the files for two multiplayer maps that were later released as dlc and it worked perfectly. 


    What really? I wonder if somebody could release the Xbox campaign as a mod for Doom 3.

  8. 10 hours ago, budwisers said:

    Well.. I was planning to make a Zombie apocalypse mod 2 years ago... But it was so huge project, i needed someone to help me to make those scripts or something... But i studied alone and i can do it myself if it takes time. It is so hard to make maps. I need some help with making maps. 


    10 hours ago, budwisers said:

    This ganna be just like Dayz. MMO rpg.

    Huge multiplayers. Huge map. Lots of items


    You better learn zscript/decorate then. Those things would be needed for a mod like this.

  9. 1 hour ago, budwisers said:

    Little diffrent. This ganna be just like Dayz.

    Realistic Survivor mode. But there will be a battle royale mode too.


    How will you implement battle royale style game mechanics like the player area shrinking over time?

  10. 16 hours ago, SaladBadger said:

    I'm glad you didn't even attempt to read the thing I linked, as it explains the origin of quite a lot of the monster sounds, and a number of the weapon sounds. Though I guess to be fair the precise origin of the zombie and imp sounds isn't explained. Death sounds for both are from a set of camel recordings, I believe.


    if your question is "what are the origins of beastly sounds in a 90's FPS game?", the answer is almost always "raw or modified animal sounds"


    I did read it, but as you pointed out there were many sounds that weren't explained.

  11. Well I know Bobby Prince made the music, but I was thinking about the actual sound effects. Things like the gun and monster sounds. I know about the arch-vile girl thing. I wonder if the zombie screams are just slowed down stock screams or if they actually recorded somebody screaming and then played with the sounds.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Spectre01 said:

    Doom 3's levels work within Doom 3. You can't really apply classic Doom concepts of mapping to judge Doom 3's levels because the core game is too different. Also, the small rooms and hallways are in part a product of the engine, and its technical limitations at the time, and having more open areas with the same level of detailing and higher monster counts would have made it unplayable on 2004 PCs. The game was demanding enough at the time already.


    Tbh this just highlights the weakness of Id Tech 4. Yes the lightning was awesome at the time and it still holds up to be honest, but it came at the expense of the levels looking almost entirely identical in terms of layout. Like, you are literally just going from corridor to corridor for almost the entire game. Even the hell levels are basically corridors. It means that there is almost zero variation to the combat as well.

  13. Been studying Doom 3's level design for a while and while I always knew the game was less open compared to the original I am still shock at how much of the game consists of almost nothing but corridors. Like, at least 90% of the areas are either corridors or very small rooms. This makes me wonder.....is Doom 3's level design actually bad? I do think the level design is very visually pleasing but it would seem that there is basically zero variation in the design. Then again the fact that I only started thinking about this after I started studying the design suggests that perhaps this did not matter?

  14. 58 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    Getting an Xbox360 just to play one game for a couple of minutes doesn't sound like the best idea lol


    I bought an Xbox one just so that I could play all the Halo games. Then a couple of weeks later they announced that all the Halo games are coming to PC lol. Then to make it even better my amazon order of the MC: Collection got lost so I never even got it anyway :(


    On topic: The Xbox campaign of Doom 3 is very similar but there are some notable differences that give it it's own special flavor. The levels are cut into smaller chunks so some levels that were originally a single level become 2 different ones. The larger open areas are also mostly gone so the game is even more claustrophobic and corridor heavy than it used to be. The textures have been "consolized" and some of the brush work simplified and as a result some of the game's levels have a greater old school feel to them compared to the original PC version.

  15. 5 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    Yes, but it'd be more fun to actually play them.


    You could just buy an original Xbox or even an Xbox 360 for cheap online. Getting actual copies of the original Xbox Doom 3 would be much harder though. I got very lucky recently and found what is probably one of the only amazon sellers that still sold copies that would actually ship to where I live. 

  16. 20 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    That's a shame, would be nice to have a way to play them without having to get an Xbox360.


    You can always watch a Let's play to see how the Xbox levels differ from the PC originals. GeneralLotz recently live streamed all the Doom 3 and RoE Xbox levels and uploaded them to youtube. I even watched some of them live.

  17. On 7/3/2019 at 9:36 AM, tempdecal.wad said:

    Would it be possible to port these over to the PC version? they look different than the ones in the other Co-op mods.


    I think that would be a copyright violation. And I'm not sure if the xbox version's maps even work the same as the PC version even if you could somehow extract them.