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  1. Pillar of Salt

    Who is the most promising newcomer?

    Gimme a year. I got something planned for end of this year, mid-next year.
  2. Pillar of Salt

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    Holidays happened, this should work. Slavmaz.zip
  3. Pillar of Salt

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    You download this version... because I am disorganized and uploaded the wrong zip. SM.zip
  4. Pillar of Salt

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    Forgot that, and uploaded!
  5. Pillar of Salt

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    Releasing as-is. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ughvo7akf2uwjyo/SlavemanMaze.zip?dl=0
  6. Pillar of Salt

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    Recently decided to finish up a short, sweet, and qucik map I had made with the intention of submitting it to HUMP, but I completely ran out of time. This is Slaveman's Maze, a shifting labyrinth of switches and monsters. Health and ammo are... balanced, I think. Vanilla/Boom compatible. D/L: Attached Screenshot: Slavmaz.zip
  7. Pillar of Salt

    Question on making Sprites

    So basicly the same for monster sprites?
  8. Pillar of Salt

    Question on making Sprites

    Thank you.
  9. Pillar of Salt

    Question on making Sprites

    How would I make a sprite sheet for Doom 2 preferrably GZDoom. I'm working on a Weapon and monster replacement atm that will not contain crappy looking MS Paint monsters or ripped weapons from other games/weapon mods. So are there any guides I should look at on how to create a sprite sheet?
  10. Pillar of Salt

    The Impossible Quiz

    Answer to Question 42: the 42nd 42 on the screen going from left to right.
  11. I finally downloaded and played every single Wad hosted on the ftp server.. over 65% of them suck.

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    2. stphrz


      myk said:

      So, how is it, are the files that don't suck all listed in the top 10 per year given in the 10 years special, or do many of those suck?

      After all, 1% of 11000 is only 110 wads.

      110 truely great wads. The top, the pinnacle of doom design. Sounds about right.

      Another 500ish that are well made and do not suck at all.

      That leaves about ~9400 wads that suck to varying degrees, some a lot others not so much.

      Yeah. 600+ wads that are good enough to play all the way through and even play again several times. That's enough to keep any doomer busy for a very very long time.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      leileilol said:

      i've yet to play everything on idgames2 myself, too

      meh, i don't have that kind of attention span...

    4. Craigs


      *Someone uploads 200 files*

      Now try to reach it again! :D

  12. Pillar of Salt

    The Impossible Quiz

    Urgh... took me a total of 1hr 30mins to beat this, and its not impossible.