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  1. I finally downloaded and played every single Wad hosted on the ftp server.. over 65% of them suck.

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    2. stphrz


      myk said:

      So, how is it, are the files that don't suck all listed in the top 10 per year given in the 10 years special, or do many of those suck?

      After all, 1% of 11000 is only 110 wads.

      110 truely great wads. The top, the pinnacle of doom design. Sounds about right.

      Another 500ish that are well made and do not suck at all.

      That leaves about ~9400 wads that suck to varying degrees, some a lot others not so much.

      Yeah. 600+ wads that are good enough to play all the way through and even play again several times. That's enough to keep any doomer busy for a very very long time.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      leileilol said:

      i've yet to play everything on idgames2 myself, too

      meh, i don't have that kind of attention span...

    4. Craigs


      *Someone uploads 200 files*

      Now try to reach it again! :D