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  1. why waking up feels like the worst thing in the world?
    after waking up i can feel like shit for hours
    doesn't make sense imo, i thought sleeping is supposed to restore your powers and stuff
    yet after waking up i feel weaker than at any other point in time
    makes no sense, buggy nature mechanics imo

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    2. printz


      If I sleep enough (which I rarely do nowadays :|) I wake up healthy. Otherwise, all the day I feel sleepy and weak.

      I'm trying to break out of a procrastination habit, where I just open my laptop and browse nothings on the Internet after I wake up, until noon.

      If I wake up the night's sleep after the noon (like 1 or 2 pm) that sounds like an illness to me.

      I have no problems with the afternoon sleep, though I prefer to avoid it because it disrupts my pattern. But otherwise it's the most pleasant sleep, quick to come and full with dreams, and I wake up like a new man. However if I don't sleep that enough, I risk waking up dizzy.

    3. Creaphis


      I'm the only person who voted good?

      I agree with all of 40oz's rules, and I feel good as long as I go to bed and get up early enough. I have to get up at 6:30 for work anyway, and I try to schedule stuff in the mornings on my days off just to force myself out of bed, because when I sleep in is when I feel shitty.

      Going to bed on time can be a struggle, that's true. It helps that I've gotten bored of all of my late night time-wasters.

    4. GreyGhost


      The best I can manage in the morning is "ok", rheumatism's a bitch. :(