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  1. In uTorrent when I set a high priority for one of the files, it downloads like 95% of it but then concentrates on the other files instead. So the trick is to set all other files to "don't download" and only then will it agree to download that one file first. When I get it fully, I resume the other files.

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    2. wildweasel


      Maes said:

      Transmission, which comes with Ubuntu by default (I think), is all that uTorrent claimed to be, and more.

      A well-served torrent download has many advantages over a file hosting service's download link, which is anything but direct.

      I'm more of a Deluge kind of person, to be honest; that one does happen to be available for most (all?) major OSes and has a layout very similar to older uTorrent.

      And yes, torrents are extremely useful for larger files (especially OS distribution DVD images), and have the distinct advantage that the more people are connected to a given torrent, the faster it'll go*, as opposed to just hammering the HTTP/FTP for all it's worth and killing all bandwidth.

      * I'm aware this is an extreme oversimplification of how the bittorrent protocol works.

    3. printz


      Isn't there a barebones free-software command-line (without UI, just with config file) daemon for managing torrents already?

    4. Maes


      Apparently, there is. And yeah, the question made me curious enough to google it.