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  1. I've just realized something. I think I haven't called anyone by their name in, like, several years. For some reason it's just incredibly difficult for me to do, it's like the word simply refuses to come out of my mouth. Same goes for words like "mom", "dad", etc: I haven't used them in forever. Can't really explain why. I wonder if this is common or whatever. When I want to speak to a friend or a relative, I always either wait for them to look at me first or I ensure that there's noone else close enough to us so that it's obvious who I'm addressing. Pretty interesting, huh?

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    2. fraggle


      Yeah, I have a bit of this too. Not sure why.

      Also feels weird to be on the receiving end of someone else using my name. Relevant Mitchell and Webb sketch:

    3. Coopersville


      Sort of? I have several friends that share the same first name, so I use their last name or some sort of nickname. If I've met someone online and learned their real name later, I still often go with their Internet alias.

    4. purist


      No, don't get this anxiety myself. I don't conciously think about when I am using peoples names or not. It's a social convention that has just sort of been ingrained over the years.

      The exception being when someone is using my name and I can't remember theirs. That can be awkward.

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