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  1. I haven't been to too many concerts in my life so maybe I don't know enough to make generalizations but... Why do they always have to rape your ears? Almost every concert I have to deal with obnoxiously loud instruments and the buzzing\drone (? dunno how to translate "ãóäåíèå" properly) is usually insane. Most music is supposed to be pleasant to the ears I think, but how can it be pleasant when you feel like covering your ears half the time? Maybe I should actually wear earplugs next time lol?

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    2. Malinku


      Saw a concert friday used earplugs all was good.

    3. Creaphis


      I like the experience of live shows but I can't enjoy anything if I'm not physically comfortable. The last show I went to I was the only guy covering his ears and looking for quieter places to stand, and I'd probably have walked out if I didn't have friends on stage. This wasn't a particularly loud show, so either I'm abnormally sensitive or I've spent enough time with deaf grandparents to make me cautious. I'm thinking about getting musician's ear plugs. I can probably get enough use out of them to justify it over the long-term. I'd rather not have frequency-skewing florescent orange foam sticking out of my ears if I'm the only guy in the audience who needs it.

      I never would have guessed that it's just standard procedure to wear ear plugs to rock and metal concerts. I'm with printz - my first thought is "Can't they just turn that shit down?" but I get it, different strokes and all that.

      Memfis said:

      My best concert was Uehara Hiromi...

      Lucky bastard.

      Technician said:

      Deep Purple was probably the loudest show I've ever attended... That was the show that made my tinnitus bad enough to quit going to concerts.

      And you were wearing -30 dB ear plugs? Jesus.

    4. dg93


      Creaphis said:

      And you were wearing -30 dB ear plugs? Jesus.

      It would be kinda ridiculous wearing these at any rock or metal concert.