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  1. I find it difficult to build a healthy relationship with Doom. When I get excited about it, it occupies a huge portion of my mind and becomes almost like an obsession. After some time in that state I naturally become sick of the game and can get rather emotional about that temporary disappointment. So I try to get out of it. Then at some point I get excited again, come back, and the circle repeats. I find it hard to treat Doom as just some side activity, instead I have to either dive into it 100% or completely abstain from it.

    Not sure if that's due to the nature of the game or maybe some ridiculous rules I made up in my head that I don't even know about. It's strange. Maybe I just don't have enough things in my life and that's what causes me to take what little I have too seriously. I guess if I had like 30 hobbies and shuffled them around all the time, I wouldn't have to obsess over just one of them so much. And I probably should be trying new things more often instead of sticking to the old ones all the time and expecting them to always remain fresh and exciting.

    Have you ever had similar feelings about a hobby of yours?

    1. MrGlide


      All the time, it's called OCD. I'm sorry this is affecting you. Though admitedly this trait can make people like us extremely good and knowledgible about these things. (edit) its how I got so good at tetris, which as oddly attracted you as well. All my hobbiest I excel at because of my obsessive behaviour. It can be draining but I do see plus sides to this trait personally as well as the negatives.

    2. glenzinho


      Yup, I'm all about this shit too dudes. You can learn to maximise your Doom time when it's enjoyable for you, and when it's not just let it go and do something else or nothing at all. If you love it, set it free and it'll come back :P