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  1. oops: http://www.ghacks.net/2016/09/27/firefox-53-no-support-for-windows-xp-or-vista/

    Now, I understand them not wanting to bother with XP compatibility anymore, however I think it's a bit shitty how they are actually adding some code to prevent the installation on XP. There is plenty of software that doesn't officially support Windows XP, however it still works with it just fine. For example, the official installer for Google Japanese IME refuses to install on XP, however I found some custom installer that works and I haven't really encountered any issues with the program.

    So I think it's silly to outright block the installation. But I guess in some ways it's better than having to deal with countless complaints from stupid XP users about the program not working anymore. And maybe someone will make a custom installer just like with that IME thing.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      IIRC Firefox is open-source, so I'm 146% certain that some geek [who doesn't have enough money for a 2007-class machine and who thinks that XP is the last "true" OS and that everything after it are just shells for spying software or something] will make an XP-friendly fork. Besides, you have browsers like SeaMonkey or Maxthon.

    2. Zapzop


      I have WinXP myself and don't really see any reason to update other than compatability with certain programs that are not really neccasarry(For example, Doom Launcher). If there would be a program that I would need for work or something, then I obviously will update.