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  1. It just popped up in my head. Let's say a suspicious looking man is knocking on my door telling me that he urgently needs some medication. I don't open thinking that he's a burglar. Soon after he dies. Am I legally responsible?

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    2. Tracer


      ^Yep. At least in the states I know it does. I don't know if those laws or laws like it exist in other parts of the world.

    3. MrGlide


      in this exact situation I would be worried, as near my parents home some methheads tricked one of the n eighhbors into opening the door, beat the crap out of him and started stealing his stuff. I dunno, but someone was at my door yelling help me help me I would open the door and try to help as well.

    4. Phml


      In France, if it can be proven your action would have saved him and that you purposefully refused to help, you can be legally responsible.

      In all likelihood, you wouldn't actually get in trouble unless you're a doctor.